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Posted on Friday, March 24, 2000 - 8:45 am:   

Would you beleive that the Colorado River here in West Texas flooded from all the heavy rains on the 23rd. Crested at 31 feet in one area. The City of Colorado City, Texas had 26 feet of water in it. Sure hope the towns folks had flood insurance. The report came from NOAO Weather radio and from the Colorado River Authority. Rain fall across that area was up to 6" from the storm.
May drive over and take a look today since it's on 90 miles. Weather reports say possibility of more heavy rains tomorrow across the area.
Posted on Thursday, March 23, 2000 - 9:04 am:   

Haven't seen any damage reports. Only had 1/2" rain and pea size hail at the house but east of hear they received more. The twisters that touched down hit in open country and so far, no damage reports in. Today - windy and clear skys. MAYBE tonight something will break out again. Lots of upper level moisture but looks like it is moving northeast. Look out Oklahoma. Will keep looking and post any reports of damage but looks like another dud out here.
Posted on Wednesday, March 22, 2000 - 9:14 pm:   

Don't get excited gang. The storms are not over just yet so be calm and let the reports come in. Local T.V. talked about twisters in two areas in the Permain Basin. One confirmed by Law officers out of Colorado City at Westbrook which is a very small town. The other was in the Garden City area but nothing postive yet for damage. This is very open country. May go through tomorrow. Will know more in the AM and will post any worthwhile word.
Posted on Wednesday, March 22, 2000 - 8:35 pm:   

several strong storms are currently moving thru Midland Tx. and the surrounding area. The storm from the 2nd created about 300 new claims for wind and hail. The storms that are going on now 3/22/00 appear to have the potential for creating and additional 3 to 500 claims for wind and hail damage.

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