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HR McLam
Posted on Tuesday, August 17, 1999 - 12:50 pm:   

So far we see some idle PC cat adjusters hate anonymous posters, hate people who wear ball hats indoors and are apparently University English instructors who love to criticize others grammarical typing standards---If ever there needs to be a major storm for these poor idle souls ----its now ----Come on God---Send us another Andrew in Miami or Northridge Quake before these guys all go nutzoid and kill each other over nothing
Jim Flynt
Posted on Tuesday, August 17, 1999 - 3:36 pm:   


Can you imagine how bad it may get if Dr. Gray is wrong this year?
Tom Toll
Posted on Tuesday, August 17, 1999 - 11:06 pm:   

Very recently I watched a show on HBO titled, DISABILITIES. I intentionally watched the expressions on the disabled from birth, and the young and old. They smiled!! One would ask, if a person had cerebral palsy, born without limbs, or disfigured, how could they smile. How could they possibly look forward to another day. I certainly don't know, because I have been taught that this is
5 a perfect world we live in and only perfection brings happiness and prosperity. Apparently those disabled on the show were not taught that. What a miracle that they weren't.

They could be getting on the net and going to and reading all the intelligent commentary from the perfect and professed perfect. I have not been keeping up with Roy's page for a while and upon opening the, was very disheartened at many articles on the pages. I guess I had grown to think that adjusters were a special group that worked hard to help each other in our little society. A lot of the vendors or insurance companies sure don't give a hoot about us, just our warm bodies when they are in trouble. Shame on us for putting each other down and shame on us for showing our ignorance on an international net page.

Please people, lets show each other a little kindness and understanding. They are not wannabees, they are trainees. They are what we were when we first started in the adjusting endeavor. For those in training that think they will get rich, get out now, you're in trouble. It will not happen. For those of you trainees that are in training to learn and to help when help is needed, stay where you are. We need more of you. I find that the older I get, and I am getting there, the less I seem to know. It is a constant learning process, this endeavor we chose. It is a constant learning process with any endeavor in life.

Life is simple and beautiful. It's the people that screw it up. Please folks, think, think, think before you write some of the trivia I have been reading the last few days. I know you're grown up, but I am now questioning the maturity level of some. Hide your identity, you poor pitiful and fearless souls. No one wants to know who you are, primarily because if you hide in your mask of fear, no one is going to believe you, so hide, you fearless souls.

Keep smiling, all of you. Someone out there, and there are many, wish they could walk in your shoes.

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