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Jim Flynt (Jimflynt)
Posted on Tuesday, November 20, 2001 - 8:08 am:   

Got a problem? Have an idea for improvement of working conditions or dealing with a vendor? Need some help in applying a little pressure to change things with work or pay?

Then post it here. CADO ONLINE is your REAL TIME solution to information gathering, information sharing, and collective brainstorming. It's free, requires no travel, instantaneously broadcast, and best of all, proven effective.

6 cat adjusters this week will be paid for their carrier mandated holiday off on Thanksgiving because they brought a situation to the attention of CADO ONLINE readers. And CADO ONLINE readers responded. And when their vendor read those responses, a vendor policy was changed. Tell those 6 cat adjusters that the $3,600.00 of real money in their pockets is not REAL RESULTS. And it was accomplished in less than 2 days without calling the first meeting.

While there are no guarantees, perhaps working together, we will help you find a similar solution for your situation. We'll never know unless we try. So please share your situation or problem with all of us here at CADO ONLINE.

CADO ONLINE provides 24 hour real time instant feedback to your concerns. The CADO ONLINE 'Clubhouse' (as my friend Ghostbuster calls it) is open to any and all and brings together hundreds if not thousands of years of collective experience in finding new answers to old problems. Answers from adjusters new and old, experience unmatched through any other medium, and uncensored brainstorming which usually synergize into positive, creative, workable ideas.

If the old way is not working for you, please share your problem with us here at CADO ONLINE. Let's see if working together and thinking together 'outside the box' we can come up with new exciting positive creative ways to put more money back in your pockets.

Putting more money in YOUR pockets, that's the REAL VALUE of CADO ONLINE. Whether through sharing education, ideas, contacts, networking, vendor reviews both good and bad, and your Up To The Minute Storm Reports you'll pick up something here which will put money in YOUR pocket.

And in the end, that's what it's all about anyway, isn't it folks? Working togther to help put more money in all of our pockets.


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