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Todd Summers
Posted on Wednesday, September 05, 2001 - 9:18 pm:   

One shouldn't fool with Mother Nature ! LOL
Horace Smith (Hsmith)
Posted on Wednesday, September 05, 2001 - 6:02 pm:   

Monitoring and lurking on some of the weather boards, I have noted a significant number of the posters are quite concerned re the lack of hurricanes. These posters are for the most part
amateur meteorologists, storm chasers, other weather freaks with a few professionals thrown in.

This group is pointing out that this year and last, anytime a plane goes in to investigate a storm, the storm soon fizzles. Erin is the most recent example. They believe that stuff such as
powder, crystals, gel, dry ice is being seeded into the whirling winds rendering them impotent.

Perhaps, I am seeing only posts from conspiracy
buffs and paranoids but if it should be true, can we CAT adjusters sue for reparations?

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