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t f (_Tom)
Posted on Friday, May 04, 2001 - 9:37 am:   


I am not an adjuster, just another owner of storm damaged property now repaired and paid for by insurance (100%, I'm very satisfied).
Does anyone remember a big hailstorm in Minneapolis, Minn. May 15, 1998? I am looking for the total amount of insured damage for that event and can't seem to find it. This storm was NEVER in the local papers and hardly covered by local TV so it is pretty much "the storm that never was." Which is pretty amazing since when the Minnesota Insurance Federation stopped tallying what insurance companies paid out by the end of 1998 the total was $1.4 billion, making it the most damaging thunderstorm event in US history.
So, where can I find the total to verify whether or not this really was the most damaging thunderstorm ever? I tried the national weather websites (NOAA, National Climatic Data Center, etc.), but they have only minimal records for this storm. When I confronted them on it, they replied that they are not in the business of accurately tallying up damages, they just report what the newspapers estimate at the time of the storm. And if the newspapers only report $3 million for a +$1 billion storm, that's all their official records will say.
I've done some web research and found out that there is some kind of a storm event tally, the Guy Carpenter Catastrophe Index (GCCI) but how can I get a copy of it? The website of the company that prints it seems to always be down ( and libraries don't know what this index is. Can anyone tell me how I can see this GCCI thing?
Thanks a lot.
Tom in Minnesota

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