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Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2000 - 10:36 pm:   

I was present at the NACA cruise this year and found no "invasion" by a vendor. I doubt that a vendor could benefit by invading the organization. We are all generally listed with several vendors anyway, so I don't see a benefit to any paticular vendor to invade the organization. Some of the vendors are becoming more involved in seeing NACA grow and would like to see the adjusters who attend the conventions recieve relevant training and be prepared to face the growing complexity in our business. I agree that NACA needs to grow and evolve. That can only come from the members becoming more involved in the committees and working with the Executive Board.

CADO can be an important asset in the future of the adjusting arena. We should support CADO and the hard work involved, but ALL organizations require member input and will all become stagnant if the members do not supply input and serve on the committees. NACA has come along way and it is changing as we speak. CADO should seek to partner in with NACA and truly help the adjusting community. There are good people working in both organizations and just possible an alliance could be of mutual benefit.

Just a thought!!!
Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2000 - 4:49 pm:   

I'd always kinda heardsay that NACA was run from behind the scenes by the vendors anyway to prevent the street adjusters from doing anything to upset the apple cart. But, I could be and probaly am wrong seeing how I'm paranoid and delusional. Or, I just might be right!

IMHO, Dave, (CADO) sounds good by me.
R.D. Hood
Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2000 - 3:23 pm:   

Today's telephone call from 2 NACA members prompts this post.

A thought of doing it incognito, passed briefly, but was overshadowed by the significance of the 1 hr call.

The NACA members are concerned that the organization is being taken over by a vendor company. And that this move was made on the cruise, and is not known by the majority of the members. This is all heresay, mind you.

So the question, that is posed is this:

"Should NACA be run by a vendor"

IMHO, some kind of organization/association that can and will provide assistance, instruction, work related information, world wide capabilities that every member can benefit from needs to be formed. ( CADO perhaps?)

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