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Tomj (Tomj)
Posted on Sunday, October 08, 2000 - 4:19 pm:   

I am having a problem, but do not disagree the Jim L, RJ, Gale, but by defination what is a "Forum", and if a topic moves into other areas that are of a concern to an adjuster, so what.
RJ, many of the items you discuss have been hashed and rehashed for several years with the outcome the same, maybe there are other items of interest for those in the field.
Gale (Gale)
Posted on Sunday, October 08, 2000 - 2:22 pm:   

Rj I do agree with your points and you have great posts that are right on target. As you have figured out most of my post are hours of work for me and usually can be read at two different levels depending on the depth one wishes to think about the issue or information. I am not a good speaker because I may ask several questions within one sentence and even I am confused by the replies I get because I do not know which question the person is replying to at the time.:)

All my point should have been was that since it is so hard for most to get up the nerve even to post on CADO that we should not inhibit anyone. I can remember just a couple years ago at my first attend to post to a forum because I was scared to death but I forced myself. If one that some may see as an extrovert has fear just think of the rest. Rj there are many that have a fear of technology. Please remember our goal is to enhance the profession by encouraging everyone to post. As with a young child learning new skills we try to encourage his or her successes and not stress the mistakes unless we are into child abuse. I must run now before I can get my words right but I hope you can see my point. “Let the rough end drag until it wears smooth” is a saying that may apply.
Jimlakes (Jimlakes)
Posted on Sunday, October 08, 2000 - 11:48 am:   

I agree with you totally. Keep up the good work.
Jim Lakes
RAC Adjustments, Inc.
Rj (Rj)
Posted on Saturday, October 07, 2000 - 11:51 pm:   

Related posting to "so you want to be a Catastrophe Adjuster"


You are missing the point I was trying to make. I do not wish to prevent or tell anyone what they should or should not post. I am just requesting that when a related subject comes to mind you could be a little more creative and start a new discussion. That way the topics are not all intertwined.

Since this discussion forum is not a chat room it is very easy to loose the initial idea when everyone becomes involved in different subjects. Gale you are right that many postings will generate many related subjects, however, many unrelated topics are also showing up that will eventually lead everyone totally away from the topic of discussion.

Here's an exaggerated example of what I am trying to say. A headline in the paper may read like the following: "Earthquake hits southern California", then the article continues with a related article that may read like the following: Boy remember that one back around the turn of the century, well I will never forget about the time my grandfather told me that story. Well the related topic could be of great interest to many, however, while the subject matter is related it does not pertain to the subject at hand and it should have been referred to as a related subject at the end of the article and then placed under its' own story line.

Related and unrelated topics deserve the same attention as the original topic, therefore, if we all just continue to mix every related & unrelated topic in a single thread line it will not allow us the ability to fully explore each idea to its' fullest extent. Who is to say that a very important related topic that someone brings up would have the reality of a full discussion if the chances are we carelessly bury it under a massive collection of unrelated ideas.

In response to your question Gale normally no one gets up to leave the room when the subject changes, however, that is not the same type of environment that this discussion forum is in. In this forum an individual has all the time he needs to post a response. You can take the time to organize your thoughts (I sure hope that is what everyone does) and review your posting prior to posting. Judging from your long posts I am fairly sure you do this.

Look no one including myself will ever bat 1000 on ever topic we post. That is because we all view things through a different looking glass. Part of what makes this site excellent is that we all do not agree with each other all of the time. If you post your thoughts here you should expect reactions to your ideas that will vary from total rejection to total acceptance by those that visit this site.

The worst thing for anyone to do is to stop expressing your ideas just because it may have generated a negative reaction. So don't quit because your feelings may be hurt by someone's reply just keeping coming back with your ideas. I have never seen anyone that could not come up with a good question, reply or idea. It just takes some individuals longer that others. It is the posts that no one replies to that bother me the most. For you see no reaction means that there must be a total failure on my part to properly express my thoughts or the subject I have chosen is of no interest to anyone.

In case you haven't noticed I have started this discussion under a new topic of discussion. I will admit though that when I began this reply I initially was going to post this reply under the topic of "So you want to be a catastrophe Adjuster". Having gone this far with my reply and after reviewing my post I decided that I should take my own advice and begin a new topic of discussion.

You see how easy it is for you to fall into a habit of posting as thought we are having a conversation. I hope that many of you that post & make replies will understand the difference between having a conversation and a discussion. A conversation is a spontaneous exchange of ideas that may contain many related & unrelated topics, while a titled discussion (not a general discussion) is a sharing of thoughts on a given subject. After all if you will review all of the discussions in the general discussion forum you will find that most if not all discussions are titled.

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