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Posted on Saturday, August 19, 2000 - 6:38 pm:   

thank you for posting this. first impression is that it could be a heads-they-win-tails-you-lose proposition.......
Jess Interested
Posted on Saturday, August 19, 2000 - 5:07 pm:   

As one of the adjusters who responded to a post on the CADO Bulletin Board, I received the following response back from them outlining their single adjuster office program. I am sharing it here for your information or comments.

To all concerned:

This is to reply to all that has shown interest in our new program that we are launching. Hopefully you have not received this twice if you have please disregard the second go round.

Sentry Claim Service has opened 6 new single adjuster offices in the past 6 months; they are all now full offices. Hear is what we are looking for and if you are interested still then just reply to this message. If
you are not, we thank you for your interest yet please still reply so we can take you of this database for this type of work.

1. You must use SIMSOL
2. You must use a digital camera
3. You work for Sentry Claim Service only. You cannot perform work for other adjusting firms while you are working for Sentry Claim Service.

Those are the three golden rules. Now you want to know what we offer in return.

1. We cover the E&O Coverage.
2. We cover the day-to-day office bills except 40%
3. You own part of your own office. 40% we own 60%
4. You can never be fired. If we close the office you can still remain open under a different name and you pay your own bills. We also take our clients with us and they are not to be solicited for work for 1 year. This is not a non compete agreement. You can compete; you just canít solicit business that we provided you.
5. If you bring in new clients, they are brought to Sentry Claim Service. Besides that giving you more work you also get 40% of the profits EXTRA.
6. If there is a catastrophe in your area and you are the closest office. Itís your CAT. That means you run it and plus, you get 40% of the profits EXTRA.
7. If there is a CAT and itís not in your area, we do provide an opportunity for you to work it.
8. We pay 60 % on all fee bills, 2.50 per photo, .35 a mile over 50. In some cases this extra is included with the fee bill due to a contract with the Carrier.
9. Hear is an example of a months billing.
Income: 10,000.00 (Total Income for Office)
Monthly Bills: -2,500.00 (Total Monthly Bills)
Gross: 7,500.00
Office Income: -6,000.00 (Adjusters 60%)
Office Bills Responsibility: 1,000.00 (Adjusters Share of Office Expense 40%)
Office Net Income: 5,000.00 (Your Pay Check)
Net Total Profit: 2,500.00

10. The bills always get paid first. This you know. If you can't pay your bills, you can't be in business. The lower the bills the higher the take.

We are still working out all the bugs but the feed back from the Carriers are great. The more work that can be generated the better for us all. You are part owner in your office. We also can offer Health Insurance, Company Auto Insurance, 401K, the more offices we have open the more benefits we can offer.

Your Bonus at the end of the year is averaged out and that is pre determined on the amount of work you have brought in and the billing of your office. This is discussed before your office is opened.

This is just a small sample. We have a lot of plans and as I said we are still working the bugs out. Catastrophe is where the money is at and yet this is where the real day to day work is. The income that we all depend on when there is not a Catastrophe.

Think it over. This is a big step. If you are still interested. Just send us back an e-mail saying (Iím still interested.)


Bill Clower - VP
Sentry Claim Service

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