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Posted on Tuesday, November 30, 1999 - 5:12 pm:   

God! WHat!
Bill Sutton
Posted on Tuesday, November 30, 1999 - 4:06 pm:   

Although I am very new to the adjusting business, everything I am reading here sounds GREAT! With strong leadership and value, anyone would embrace an organization that would raise their professionalism knowledge level and income. By using the internet, we are all ready IN the 21st century. Many benefits can be delivered via an involved, effective organization of INDEPENDENT adjusters. One way to get in off the ground might be for everyone interested in this concept to join Roy's CADO page ($60 for now). Let's promote this site and this idea as the begining of this new era. Once a roster is developed, let's have a meeting, draw up the charter, elect officers and approach sponsors (like the Red Roofs, restaurants, car rentals, credit card cos.,insurance carriers [for group health, DI, benefits]. Anyway, count me in and let me know what I can do to get this organization "off the ground".
Jim Flynt
Posted on Monday, November 29, 1999 - 2:10 pm:   

Gale,Thanks for your comments and I agree as well with the major points in your post.

As we approach the end of this year, and the end of this century, it is the perfect time for us to reflect on where we are and we we want to go.

A few years ago, I and several other friends dropped out of NACA when they raised the dues. My concern was not the dues increase, but a question of whether I was getting my money's worth in exchange for the dues being paid. Upon reflection, the answer I arrived at was NO.

I am aware that NACA performs a certain function as a "social organization" and for that it is to be commended. But I for one, could see no clear purpose beyond an annual convention and golf outing and the fellowship inherent in such an event.

No where did I see NACA developing and maintaining a website for communication and education such as Roy has developed here with CADO.

No where did I see a forum for idea exchange and education which I can see here with CADO.

I was further bothered on a very personal level when I asked that my entry in the NACA directory include the designation initials behind my name which represented hard work, education, and a thorough testing program to exemplify certification and professionalism beyond the norm. I was politely sent a letter from NACA saying that every adjuster would be treated the same, and that designations and certifications which might be useful to a carrier would not be allowed. In other words, NACA basically decided that the best adjusters and the worst would all be lumped in together, and that they did not believe in rewarding those who attempt to better themselves through education, certification, and continuing education. They have a right to their views yet I have a right to save my dues when our belief systems "clash."

I think that with some thought and foresight, we can see ways in which the CADO platform could derive the income necessary to fund Roy as a full-time Executive Director of this organization.

Gale, think of the many vendors out there who are trying to capture our dollars each year as adjusters. It goes beyond the software firms and computer vendors. Day in and day out thousands of adjusters are out on storm sleeping in hotel rooms, eating out, renting cars, etc. etc. What price would a Red Roof Inn pay to capture such a market? How many "room nights" could a hotel capture using this forum as a marketing tool? What would that be worth to them in marketing dollars spent? The possibilities are endless once we unravel our consciousness and think of the many possibilities out there.

Think also what CADO could offer to vendors such as yourself. I am aware that DDS gives a sizeable discount in monthly charges to adjusters who are working for Pilot Caastrophe Services. Why wouldn't they match that type of discount for members of CADO. The savings alone for the adjuster would more than offset any dues required for CADO membership. How many other vendors would do likewise?? Hotels, airlines, automobile rental agencies, office supply companies (Staples, Office Max, Office Depot), computer hardware vendors, etc?

What if CADO instituted a National Certification Program which was not a "joke" as some certifications are now? What have the CADO certification went beyond what is there now so that it had real meaning? What if it became THE CERTIFICATION recognized by most if not all of the carriers who now use certification? How much time, trouble, and money would that alone save adjusters in not having to run around the country to obtain all of these certifications?

What would the value be to catastrophe adjusters if they could attend a week long convention/seminar each and every year and hear speakers on a wide variety of subjects related to adjusting? Where the carriers and NFIP could come and sponsor update sessions. In other words, a "smart mall" where once a year we could obtain good information, an excellent education, and the networking which makes not only new friends, but makes for new sources of income.

What if CADO could find the avenues for group insurance? What if CADO could by representing hundreds and perhaps even thousands of adjusters and insurance associates, provide all types of discounts on services which we all purchase or lease now without the benefit of large lot purchasing power?

These are only a few of the possibilities. Let us stretch our imaginations Gale so that we can truly create an organization which everyone would value. No one would have to join, but no one could afford not to. The opportunities are limited only by our imaginations and desires to make this happen.

Please join us in sharing your thoughts and ideas. Let us know what CADO can do for you and what actions we need to take.
Gale Hawkins
Posted on Monday, November 29, 1999 - 12:15 pm:   

NACA out CADO in on Turkey Day 1999 would be some headline in a trade magazine. Personally NACA has helped move Hawkins Research ahead by one or two years in the development of PowerClaim but that is another story. If the rest of NACA members has the same view as Joe does it is clear another organization is needed that will address the current issues being raised on CADO. If CADO is to be that organization I agree with John, Jim, Dave and others that Roy should head it up if ongoing funding can be put in place so Roy and his family does not see a loss of income. Of course he will want to catch some of the higher paying storms just to stay current. I will help in anyway I can with my views if we can do most of it by web, email or phone. This is going to be a MAJOR undertaking for the one that heads it up and they will not have the time to be running another full time business in my view.
Jim Flynt
Posted on Monday, November 29, 1999 - 10:04 am:   

John Postava you have now said in public what I have been saying privately to Roy and Dave and many others for a long time; ie, that CADO is the platform for the Generation 2000 Adjusters and everything else falls short.

I agree with you on every single point as well John, including raising CADO dues for members.

The point I most agree with you on however, is in our mutual respect and agreement that Roy Cupps continue not only to lead with the CADO site, but also to lead with the new CADO organization for catastrophe adjusters. I can think of no one else who even comes close in Roy's abilities to lead, have vision, or organize.

I join with you in asking that Roy (and the rest of us as well) give deep and serious consideration to using CADO as the platform to take catastrophe adjusters and catastrophe adjusting into the 21st Century and to have Roy to lead that effort. With the right membership dues and financial support from Sponsors and Vendors, perhaps Roy could become the Full Time AND FULLY PAID Executive Director. Just imagine the many wonderful benefits that could accrue to each and every one of us if we had Roy at the helm leading us to a better place for all.

Bravo John!
R.D. Hood
Posted on Monday, November 29, 1999 - 8:42 am:   

Please , please , please accept an invitation to participate and add your in-valuable contribution to this venture, a personal invite is in the mail (sans check). You are one of the few that can see the BIG picture, and your assistance is of the utmost importance.
john postava
Posted on Monday, November 29, 1999 - 8:35 am:   

The recent postings regarding an independent adjusters' union bring back memories of at least two other periods over the last 20 years where the topic came up and quickly died. We are a fragmented industry made up of very "independent" individuals. Adjusters that have been around and know the ropes of this business don't need, nor want a union. They have their contacts and, for the most part, know what cat companies and carriers to withhold their services. But remember the sheer nature of cat work is one of uncertainty and even the best of us get a bad storm once-in-a- while (i.e. adjusters get to a storm and get 100 small claims or a vendor signs on with a new carrier and gets told they will get 1,000 claims and then only to show up with 20 adjusters and receive only 100 losses!).

I, for one, would like to see CADO be the next professional cat adjuster organization. The next generation of adjusters are exactly the type of adjuster that surfs CADO and other adjuster sites. If CADO should evolve into the next NACA, should we institute monthly dues ($25.00 per month for members and $100.00 for any vendor), give each paying 'member' a password or key code which gives them access to "members only" pages of the site, and hold annual meetings/sessions across the country (either on-site or virtually)? I think yes, yes and yes.

Paying higher CADO dues would give the webmaster more funds to improve the site (not that it needs it) and market its members to the carriers. I know how much it takes to keep a top-of-the-line website going and $60.00 a year from only a fraction of the adjusters that visit the site on a regular basis won't do it in the long run. If we want CADO to flourish a grow to more than just a sounding board we need to support it with more than just lip service.

Who should be it's first President? I guy named Roy comes to mind....

All comments are welcomed by this author.

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