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R.D. Hood
Posted on Thursday, November 11, 1999 - 8:47 am:   

Now Jim,lets us not read into postings those aspects that are not intended.

What was meant by the post, was a suggestion that all of our fellowman, be apprised of the terms and conditions of any agreement, prior to the acceptance thereof. And with the adequate information provided, enable us to make an informed decision.

If, and only if, we do elect to take the gig, there are those of us, you included,("Remember Montreal"),that will ride the horse till it stops.

As the posting,in one of the forums, related to the position accepted working on the inside assignment of a carriers catastrophe center so appropriately addressed these same issues.

The idea of having the carriers publish the fees schedules and conditions was only to demonstrate to the uninitiated the varied fees and terms and conditions that are prevalent in this trade.

When the bulk of the adjusting trade recognizes the worth of those cariers and/or vendor companies
that offer the best value then the tide will change. The old adage of supply and demand will always rule. C'est la Vie.
Glen Garoutte
Posted on Thursday, November 11, 1999 - 6:43 am:   

Jim all I am saying is be honorable. Surely an experienced adjuster is going to do his or her research before entering into this agreement. You know that I am on the side of the adjuster as we are getting shafted quite often with the low schedules,But until there is a concetrated effort to do boycott a storm, then this will continue. If you go to an assignment and accept it, be professional and finish the claims that you took, then leave. I know of quite a few adjusters that have just walked out on their claims, so if this continues do you think the companies will pay the top schedules. Bottom line is know who you are working for. Maybe someday we will have an organization out there that will protect us and help the fees go up, but until then I would not hold my breath.
Jim Flynt
Posted on Wednesday, November 10, 1999 - 10:15 pm:   

Glen and Dave are you guys really suggesting staying on an assignment when you are losing your shirt out of some code of honor or moral imperative?

Am I missing something here, or are we not "employees at will"? Are you suggesting the companies should have a unilateral right to terminate an adjuster's assignment without cause while not affording the adjuster the same privilege?
Glen Garoutte
Posted on Wednesday, November 10, 1999 - 9:21 pm:   

Dave as far as your comment on being responsible if you take the assignment, you couldn't be more right in your statement. We are all grown gentlemen here and should have enough savvy in this stage of our lifes to make an intelligent decision. If you make a bad decision, then you know better next time, but be responsible. Your thought on the firms posting the schedules,photos, mileage, etc would be a great thing, but I would be amazed to see it happen. Would really welcome one to step up to the plate and take the lead .
R.D. Hood
Posted on Wednesday, November 10, 1999 - 8:00 pm:   

Simple question and it deserves an answer.

What is the problem for the carriers, of all natures, to just post their fee schedules right here on CADO?

This could also include the payment of certain items that some depend on in a storm, such as Photos, Milage, Telephone, etc. And if it is a full allowance or a percentage thereof?

We, more experienced troopers, for the most part, get the fee schedules, and the basic file requirements, faxed or e-mailed to us before we even consider leaving for a storm anyway.

While different vendors,(IA offices), offer a wide range of percentages to the adjuster, some as low as 50% for the trainee and some as high as 80%+ to the really "top of the line people", every one is responsible for their own decision to work , or to work not. And, if you do choose to take the assignment, do it in good faith, with the full knowledhge of the responsibilities and preform the tasks as agreed. BE PROFESSIONAL, in all of your work and your agreements.

So much for an IDEA, while it is doubtful that anyone will respond in an affimative manner, as this is considered private information, at least it is a suggestion.

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