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Bill Sutton
Posted on Monday, October 25, 1999 - 7:12 pm:   

I enjoyed all the info on CADO annual seminar. I am very new to the field of adjusting (networking for my first job). At this point I'm afraid I would only be a taker of all the benefits you have outlined. Maybe later I could give back. I will become a CADO sponsor and send a check to Roy tomorrow. As you are searching for a location for the seminar, if sunshine and warm weather interests you, I'm in San Antonio, TX. The only other think I could conribute is a litte magic...amature magician that is.
john postava
Posted on Monday, October 25, 1999 - 2:07 pm:   

As a sponsor of the CADO site and a multiple vendor I applaud Roy and all of the hard work he has done. Like many sites the discussions and forums at CADO are usually between small number of only the most vocal membership rather than the the overall members. I hope this improves as more adjusters/vendors see the obvious benefits of CADO. Roy, you have our support here at SIMSOL as well as my personal pledge to assist you in any way I can. From my experience with the National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters, I know how difficult it is to get adjusters to spend the dollars or their time in anything "organinzed". Its the nature of the beast that cat adjusters like to go their own way. I hope the active members of CADO can change that way of thinking. In this economy and property adjusting environment cat adjusters who continue to train, learn, adapt and strive for professionalism will always work. As far as a CADO conference, put us in for two booths!
Jim Flynt
Posted on Sunday, October 24, 1999 - 9:27 pm:   

R.D., I couldn't agree more.

Think for just one minute how very small our world is considering the age of Internet communications. Imagine if you will an adjuster in Germany needing the answer to an insurance question and coming to this site for that information. Think if you will of an adjusting firm in Korea needing catastrophe adjusters for an assignment there or an insurance company in Australia needing adjusters for a 3 month in house assignment and coming here to meet their needs. While we are living in a Global Village made possible by the Internet, we are also part of a larger adjusting family without boundaries.

There will come a time when the CADO site serves not only US insurance interests, but also those of carriers and Insureds around the globe.

Far fetched you might say, but think about the American companies which have retail and manufacturing sites around the world: McDonald's, Coca Cola, Exxon, Microsoft, General Electric, and many many others. The opportunities for us as adjusters are endless, and with the proper direction and promotion, we can expand our work boundaries as we expand our visions. By the way, 3 of the adjusters sitting at the table last night were adjusters from Canada working US storms.We are already seeing international participation within the catastrophe industry and both RD and I and many others have worked outside the US in catastrophe assignments.

Think BIG when you think of what this site can be and where it should be postured for the Century ahead. Our visions now can lead us from the infancy of the Internet into a global service posture.

Think about the possibilities. The world is our playground!
R.D. Hood
Posted on Sunday, October 24, 1999 - 7:40 pm:   

Excellent post and an extremly well thought out concept. (Especially the fact that the ideas out lasted the libations)

The concept of a CADO Annual Seminar, should be embraced by EVERY Adjuster, Software Vendor, Independent Adjusting Firm, Insurance Carrier, as well as,any other concerned party. It deserves to be THE function where one's attendence is most beneficial to all.

Those listed above, can and should, contribute to the success of the venture, in as many ways as possible.

If the seminar could include, the latest NFIP and FWUA Classes, in conjunction with as many other informative, informational and educational topics, we will all benfit.

This may provide OUR adjusting community the support that is required to supply, to the Carriers, the quality fnished product, utilizing the proper qualifed personell. Additionally it will allow those that want or require, training and exposure, the opportunity to learn and be included in the fold.

Needless to say:


The time for this is NOW, not in 6 months or another year.

Might a suggestion be made , that Roy list on the CADO page a polling vote for a location and date to hold the event and allow all to participate.
This can be arranged with the assistance of a few members, I hereby volunteer to serve in any capacity that will allow this to happen.

The poll may also include suggestions for speakers, topics and meetings, as are held at the PLRB and other industry related annual seminars.

Jim Flynt
Posted on Sunday, October 24, 1999 - 2:16 pm:   

Last night 7 adjusters set down for drinks and dinner with Roy Cupps here in Greenville, NC. For all but two of us, these adjusters had never met Roy although there was another CADO Sponsor meeting him for the first time, and a pledge from everyone present to send Roy a check and become a CADO Sponsor.

Besides the usual adjuster chat and good time had by all, we all turned our attention to what CADO means to each of us and to all of us.

We all suggested to Roy ways that we thought the CADO Page could better serve the catastrophe adjusting community and adjusters old and new.

Folks, Roy serves as the pioneer in leading our industry into the next century by providing us with information, education, interchange, and social interaction among our community. Without him, we would each all suffer as would the larger adjustment community.

Roy shared with us many new and wonderful ideas which will be coming to this site within the next several months. He also asked for our and YOUR input in how this site can better serve YOUR needs?

Please use this Posting "Thread" to share with Roy what ideas you feel you would like to see here. Please suggest where you would like to see this "organization" go.

One of the ideas bounced around last night, and has been in the past as well, is an annual CADO seminar/convention which could be filled with "certification sessions", educational seminars and speakers, and vendor exhibits. We were all excited about this prospect and I know that many of you share that enthusiasm. Please let Roy and all of us know, by expressing your opinion and ideas here what you would like this to be and how it should be shaped.

There was a very broad discussion of one day being able to come to this page for digital copies of all of the insuurance endorsements available and used around the US. There was a discussion about having an adjuster's photo gallery where everyone could have their picture posted so we could all better recognize one another when we are "out here" even though we haven't met. The ideas kept flowing (as well as a few beers) and time ran out before all of the ideas stop flowing.

It is important that EACH of you and ALL of us share our ideas here so as to continue to make the CADO Page THE RESOURCE for catastrophe adjusters and catastrophe adjusting.

Please post YOUR THOUGHTS as well as your visions of the future for CADO.

Working together WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERNCE and working together, we can bring positive change to benefit us all.

Thanks Roy for being my friend and for being the best friend to all of us in catastrophe adjusting.

Finally, if the good works of this page are to continue, ROY NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT AND YOUR $60.00 CHECK FOR ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP AS A SPONSOR. Please send yours today and perhaps include a little "extra."

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