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Tiredandhungry (Tiredandhungry)
Posted on Wednesday, August 09, 2000 - 7:58 pm:   

Having cleared the air with my last post, you guys are right on in relation to one issue. The carriers have figured out that they can blanket a storm with adjusters and be 90% done within 30 days. I guarantee you, the days of an insured waiting 60 days to be inspected are over(except for the huge losses). Customer service is the current Industry band-wagon!

In 1998, many of the adjusting companies had to pay cat adjusters for "false runs". The storms were over evaluated, OR overbooked? On one storm in North Carolina, 400 adjusters showed up, and only 100 were hired. A written test was given to see who stayed. Those that stayed were there for just a couple of weeks. I was there!

Overbooking is a BIG problem. Too many adjusters, too few claims. An immediate "weeding out" process begins. If you get off to a slow start, you may get axed, or just "cut=off" from more claims. That is partially why all of the statistics are kept on your production! State Farm records all of your contacts, inspections, closings, EVERY DAY! WHY?

Uploading of computerized logs does the same thing. How many contacts did you make on a given day? How many inspections? It is all there for the slicing and dicing! BIG TIME PRESSURE!

But, if you are working hard, doing your job, the numbers should come out OK!

I am afraid that the days of unending claims may be coming to an end. That means that the average adjuster will make substantially less. If you talk to the old timers, this is a trend that had been occurring since the mid 60's!

Most adjusting companies used to guarantee 100 claims, but I do not hear about that too much anymore. The times they are a changing!

Lyndon Graves
Tiredandhungry (Tiredandhungry)
Posted on Wednesday, August 09, 2000 - 7:34 pm:   

10 claims a day!

First, please stop reading between the lines! Read what I say, not what you may think I mean! : )

The ten claims(and more) are ALL INCLUSIVE! They include ECH (phone) settlements as well! How do they do it?(By the way,I never said that I did!)

These guys(and there are just a few of them) have every possible piece of equipment you can imagine. They use Macros on every possible item. Most have 3+ printers, doing the estimate, check, and log/closing all at the same time! They are at their first inspection at 7AM, and stay up to 2AM doing paperwork. They eat out of coolers in their rooms, and do not socialize like the rest of us!
They are totally focused on the job, nothing else! Some of them use the military discipline that they got in the service. They are awesome machines! THAT is how they do it! Any more questions? Find one, and LEARN!

Lyndon Graves

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