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Gale (Gale)
Posted on Monday, July 17, 2000 - 10:18 pm:   

Yes, there is life after Cat Adjusting for some. There are always companies that are building a network of quality IAs. In just the past few days I have talked to three such companies in different phases from planning to actually operating. As with vendors and carriers, I am sure some will be better than others to be involved with in a business relationship.

One company that has already built a network of IAs in 40 states asked specifically if I knew of any Cat adjusters that were ready to sleep in their own bed. It was clear that this company was into producing a quality product for the carriers using their services.

The deal they have with adjusters is the adjuster gets 60% plus expenses on all the claims they send to the IA. Of course it would depend on the companys fee structure as to what you could make per claim.

According to the companies that already have a network in place the IAs like this type of relation because the IA does not have to share a percentage of the business he or she develops him or herself, as is the case if you are in a franchise network that you have to purchase. Of course there can be many advantages to owning the right franchise I am sure.

If anyone would like, just email your name, phone number, state, actual years of experience and where you are interested in property or auto or both and I will forward the email to the companies based on what they are looking for in your area. I am working to get them to become CADO sponsors and to list under the vendor section.

This does not mean you would not be working Cats if a cat loss occurs within daily driving range. As has already become apparent to all in the industry, several carriers claims department have told me this year and in the near future they plan to personally handle more large losses where they would have in the past contracted with a Cat vendor. The stated plan is to use staff adjusters augmented by local IAs that will be managed by the carrier.

The fewer phone calls the carrier has to make to find the local IAs, well you know the rest of that issue. I am willing to bet the ones that expect the future will be more of the past will be the greatest surprised of all. The sky is not falling but it may be changing in looks according to the season we may be now entering.

The number of Cat losses most likely will increase. How will this effect all the involved parties is yet to be seen but I know most predictions are never close. What if there are more losses and the carriers personally handle more Cat losses? Could the number of Cat Adjusters still actually increase? Would it mean Cat Adjusters would only be called in on the Mother of all Cats or where her Kittens happen to show up all over the place at the same time?
Ghostbuster (Ghostbuster)
Posted on Monday, July 17, 2000 - 7:14 pm:   

That's right!

If my interview last week for a 'get a haircut and get a real job' comes thru, I'll be following you down the road with all the perks and enough to make a decent living myself.

But will my wife be able to stand 365 nights a year of my alleged snoring?
Dave (Dave)
Posted on Monday, July 17, 2000 - 11:34 am:   

And to you, our compatriot, may the winds of fortune wisp over you, and you be blessed with a longer life, health, and happiness.

You may be the first to post your intentions of another road to travel, but you are not the first to do so. Many others have begun the trek and there will be more to follow.

Eqkid (Eqkid)
Posted on Sunday, July 16, 2000 - 1:47 pm:   

Well this seems to be the end of the road for me. I have worked my last road storm as an independent. There is so much work at home that it is time to put up the road trunks and take some work at home.

I wish the best for all my friends who continue to struggle on the road. I pray that the vendors and the companies begin to value you and your work.

Stay safe and please be careful. There is no billing worth risking your life or your health for.

May the storms be good to you this year and may you always receive the respect you deserve.

God Bless and take care.

Rick Holt

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