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Greg Roth
Posted on Friday, June 16, 2000 - 10:22 am:   

In response to Gale Hawkins' comments on the new FWUA forms, our experience is that some adjusters elect to compose the FWUA forms on their software and then fill them in using the computer. In fact, our firm has most of the forms on disk for use by those who work for us. This makes for a very neat work product, however the forms are so simple to use, it is most likely more time efficient to complete them by hand - legibly of course. According to the comments made at the recent Manager's meeting, either method is acceptable as long as it is neat and readable.

As far as we know, FWUA has no immediate plans to go paperless, however they have some very innovative people there and I know this is being considered for the future.

The Manager's meeting itself was a first-class affair. A lot of valuable knowledge was conveyed and the various presentations were made in a very professional manner, not to mention the excellent food and location.

The change regarding wind-driven rain to be implemented on July 1, 2000 will certainly be welcome to consumers and adjusters alike, however there are a number of other significant coverage changes limiting some types of recovery which should be studied by those involved in handling of FWUA claims.

FWUA is really a leader when it comes to education and we hope all adjusters will take advantage of the various opportunities available to attend their training classes. The concepts addressed there are most useful in any type of adjusting circumstance.

Greg Roth
SCS & Associates, Inc.
Gale Hawkins (Gale)
Posted on Wednesday, June 14, 2000 - 9:36 pm:   

If you have not seen the new 2000 FWUA forms you will be impressed at the effort put into them. I need some input from adjusters with experience in filling out FWUA forms directly from your adjusting software or are they so easy to fill out that no one uses an adjusting software package?

We are planning to add them to PowerClaim soon and would like to hear from adjusters that have experience creating FWUA claims digitally. Does handling them paperless by emailing them in Adobe Acrobat format appeal to any? Can signatures and other hand written info be dealt with in a manner that permits even the emailing of FWUA claims? Did you find printing out FWUA claims in the past from your adjusting software a plus or minus? Are we just barking up an empty tree? While we are on this subject do you prefer to hand write or use adjusting software to handle NFIP? Do you email them? Thanks for your input before we get too deep in this project.
Posted on Wednesday, June 14, 2000 - 11:12 am:   

Phoned FWUA & talked with Katty this morning about space availability. Unfortunately, on 6/13/2000, Doug with colonial reserved all remaining space available. Kathy did say that the tests will be offered again. However, at this time the dates have not been set.
Tim Wagner
Posted on Wednesday, June 14, 2000 - 10:34 am:   

Thanks, John Postava of Simsol for the informative message on FWUA Manager Meeting Topics. Couldn't have said it better myself! For those interested in the 06/15/00 commercial/condo class, space is limited. The correct number for information is 1-904-296-6105 Ext 329 and speak with Ken or Patti Bitner. Anyone needing additional information on other classes can dial ext 278 or myself at ext 287. We at FWUA really enjoyed the experience of meeting new firms and reestablishing old relationships, and look forward to working together with the cat community in the future.
john postava
Posted on Wednesday, June 14, 2000 - 8:24 am:   

Just returned from the FWUA Adjusting Company Manager's meeting in JAX, Florida. Couple of highlights which may be of interest...

Starting 7/1/2000 (when the new policy editions take over), FWUA will be paying for wind-driven rain damages to building items (YEA!!!). For those adjusters who worked Irene claims last year, this will boost billings! Damages will be subject to Hurricane or Tropical Storm deductibles and there are some other limitations but it is still a good move by FWUA to pay for these storm-related damages.

Also, FWUA will be holding "induction centers" at major event sites for additional training and refresher training for those adjusters about to handle claims for that storm. If possible FWUA will stage these centers a day or two prior to landfall (as adjusters are making there way to the storm location). To gain entry into the center storm adjusters must be hooked up with a cat firm working claims for the FWUA.

There is a large loss/condo certification class to be held at the FWUA office in JAX, Florida this friday, 6/15/2000. There are a few spots left. Call and register now 904-296-6501.

Lastly, there are NEW FWUA forms for this storm season. They are located on their web site at Adjusters planning on handling FWUA claims should get copies and study them.

Overall it was a very good meeting and all company managers that I spoke with enjoyed and appreciated the efforts being made by FWUA to inform and keep us all up-to-date on what will be expected by them when the next Florida-based storm strikes.

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