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Posted on Friday, June 09, 2000 - 9:49 pm:   

diesel is cheaper, overall, countrywide
Glen Garner
Posted on Friday, June 09, 2000 - 8:46 pm:   

Ann Arbor, Michigan $2.04 regular and premium today is $2.25. Due to a break in the woverine pipeline I was informed gas will increase .o6 at midnight tonite.. How high will it go?
Russ Doe
Posted on Friday, June 09, 2000 - 9:43 am:   

I left St Pete,fl for chicago.filled up for $1.39.Got to that wonderful area just over the florida line,Valdosta,Ga.Filled up for $1.28.Got between Nashville and Louisville,$1.48,next stop
Merrillsville,Indiana.I said to myself this cant be.$1.78.I was pissed.Arrived in Vernon Hills,Il
$1.84.I heard on the local news that the Chicago area was 2nd to hawaii!!I was undaunted until the day before the memorial day weekend.REGULAR GAS $2.09. DO THEY MAKE A BATTERY PACK FOR MOPEDS.
cat adjuster
Posted on Thursday, June 08, 2000 - 11:11 pm:   

Midwest location -
Current cost today regular $ 1.94 gal
premium $ 2.16 gal
Expenses are up - Fee schedules down.
6 weeks ago a fill-up was $25.00 and today the same fill-up was $36.00 ( that was regular )

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