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Kile Anderson
Registered User
Username: Kileanderson

Post Number: 148
Registered: 1-2001
Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2002 - 8:53 pm:   

I'm in Pittsburgh, been here since May 19th and while I was here another cat occured and I will start working clean up soon. I'm just thankful for the work. Maybe we'll get a 'cane this year and the winter will be enjoyed instead of fretted over like the past 2.
mark salmon
Registered User
Username: Olderthendirt

Post Number: 200
Registered: 12-2000
Posted on Tuesday, June 25, 2002 - 6:59 pm:   

getting moldy in CA. dreaming of hail and hurricanes
Five Daily
Registered User
Username: Kitchenista

Post Number: 17
Registered: 4-2002
Posted on Tuesday, June 25, 2002 - 2:19 pm:   

Wow... it's been a slow month or two huh? I'm a staff cat adjuster, and even I've sat home doing not much until they finally scrounged up some local work I could do.

I've noticed that the posts have slowed way down... tell me, where is everyone?!

(currently in Detroit)

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