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D Wong Whey
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Username: Dwongwhey

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Registered: 10-2001
Posted on Sunday, March 10, 2002 - 8:51 pm:   

If all computer batteries or power sources failed, no doubt 75% of the adjusters out there would be sent home for not knowing how to or being able to handwrite a legitimate repair estimate.

And without being able to handwrite a damage estimate, no adjuster can fully comprehend or understand how or what an estimating software program is actually repairing or 'estimating' within the body of a computerized estimate.

Computer estimating software just allows the incompetent to write more incompetent estimates faster.

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Kelley Roberson
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Username: Kelley

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Registered: 12-2000
Posted on Sunday, March 10, 2002 - 10:58 am:   

Roy, some of us have not been blessed with as much experience as you have.

Eventhough I have no long term experience adjusting I have observed a few things.

When you are around the oldies & newbies in a meeting discussing fees you will hear comments from the servicing as to why fees have droped. The comments usally include things such as, no are no longer having to hand write these claims, you can look up pricing w/ a key stroke, we give you info on disk... we are doing soooooo much of your work for you. My common sense tells me that if the puter system is suppose to make my work easier than it should also make the claims servicing comp. job much, much easier. Claims servicing companies have found a wonderful excuse to take fees away from us.

I do know this, I may not handwrite claim but I do pay a price for the "pen & paper" I use. This puter, equip. & supplies were not given to me.

I have many of the experienced adjuster to tell me: they do not make the profit they made 10 yrs ago. It has become harder to nogotate you fees.
The re inspectors so often have no working experience, just a degree. The servicing companies now attempt to put demands for an unreasonable number of closing just because they fell claims go quicker with puters.

I am sure it would take me unreasonable amount of ime to do a claim by hand. I, as with most of the newer breed, depend on the electric brain. I admire your skills.
joseph m lombardo jr
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Username: Jlombardo

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Registered: 1-2002
Posted on Tuesday, March 05, 2002 - 8:23 am:   

Tom Strickland
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Username: Toms

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Registered: 12-2001
Posted on Monday, March 04, 2002 - 8:36 pm:   

And we made just as much money according to the times. No reinspects,No holdbacks,no supplements, of course all this is "to speak of" but it wasn't all that bad, and there ain't many of us left out there to write a "stick built" estimate.
Good Post, Big Red
Gale Hawkins
Username: Gale

Post Number: 180
Registered: 12-2000
Posted on Monday, March 04, 2002 - 8:31 pm:   

Big Red some do not believe it but I find at least one half of the carriers have staff adjusters still handwriting. The last two carriers that we got on board are somewhat typical of what we are finding. One had 65 adjusters and only had 12 adjusters using software and they had only been using software for 1 year while another one has 134 adjusters with only 10 using software and again for only the last year. Another carrier we have worked with but without success claims to have 266 staff adjusters handwriting. By the way both of the first two that I mentioned still have adjusters handwriting claims but as they retire out the new ones will start with adjusting software. Donít let anyone trick you into believing you donít have a lot of company.
Roy Cupps
Username: Admin

Post Number: 100
Registered: 1-2002
Posted on Monday, March 04, 2002 - 6:05 pm:   

Bulletin Board Transfer, posted by BigRed

( not talking about sex ) but handwrite? I have tried so many softwares as Carter has pills over the many years since people started using it around them for cats 1992 in Hurricane Andrew or Iniki. Back then it was the old DOS stuff on 286 pcs and there were so slow you could handwrite 5 times faster.
Then you had the Xactimates in the LA Quakes that were slow slow too but at least they added it all up and u didnt have to run a tape.
Times have changed and now theres upteen different ones although we used to use Allstates own property estimating and auto estimating systems as far as back as the late 1970s.
Still folks, I dont mind writing an estimate. And people will decry this but gimme a list of prices either for auto or property and I will write it up quicker than you can type it up or I can type it up.
Theres something about the old fashioned way of doing things that gets you back to the basics and fundies and not all this fancy new fangled technology.
Yes I have 2 laptops and 1 desktop with 3 printers and all are IBM P2 with 1 mobile Brother printer etc but I can still whip out that ole form and handwrite that sucker in no time flat too and whip a tape on that sucker.
Many adjusters think its so cool to talk about high tech and all the new software and digital cameras which I have 2 of (Epsom) but I even still like my old Polaroids instants and espec my 35mm where I can get WalGreen or WalMart to do 36x for 7 bucks.
Thats just my take after 30 yrs in the business but the ole fashioned way is still mt fav and that goes for anything else including the missionary position with mama but then again I still like coke from a bottle, roadside cafes with home cookin soul food like deep fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits, black eyed peas, turnip greens and sweet iced tea with peach cobbler and homemade ice creme on the side. On weekends I still like a shot of fresh made corn liquor every now and then too if I can get it plus listening to some ole Flatts and Scruggs tapes. I also like the ole fashioned little churches with the pianos and wood benches and the ole fashioned fire and brimstone preachers for a change every now and then.
Ill stop here but the more things change the more they stay the same but just thought Id share a few things.
Take Care,, An Adjuster to Adjuster Community

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