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Posted on Monday, November 26, 2001 - 8:10 am:   

I think its a good starting point Dave. Let me know what I can do to help!!
R.D. Hood (Dave)
Posted on Friday, November 23, 2001 - 12:07 pm:   

The thread on the public forum, has become much to diverse and argumentative.

Suggest WE, the "MEMBERS" of our real and virtual community, take a break and develop a "business plan" that would allow some positive and ground-breaking changes to the existing conditions.

There are varied types of claims that we all see in every "CAT". Not all of us are familiar with all of the types, nor perhaps are we willing to, or have the attributes to, properly, efficently and willingly address some of the claims.

For starters, lets throw this onto the table:

1) Define the most prevelent types of claims:
A) Wind & Hail
B) Water Damage (Ice dam conditions & Related)
C) Tornado
D) Hurricane
E) Fire/Smoke
F) Enviromental (Man-Made or Mold)
G) Commercial (Medium)
H) Commercial (Large)
I) Auto
J) Heavy Equipment
K) Boats
L) Inland Marine
M) Flood (and related issues)

2) Perhaps we can determine those types that WE are most suited for, or desire, to work. This can be determined by the polling of the MEMBERS, and their desires on a 1-5 rating basis for EACH type.

3) Prepare a comprehensive list of these MEMBERS that can be presented to the various Independent Firms and those Carriers that hire direct. They then will have the proper credentials for each and every senario that occurs and will have access to the proper talent, thru CADO.

4) Have the MEMBERS, in concert with, some of the MEMBER IA's (Such as Jim Lakes, Randy Gray,Etc.) develop a fair and reasonable fee schedule for the PROFESSIONAL & QUALIFIED adjusters whom are best suited for the particlar type of CAT.

This may be a "wish-list" but Christmas will be here soon.

Any thoughts or commentary is more than welcome.

"The longest journey always strats with the first step"

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