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Due to a login update you will not be able to login if you have two or more user accounts using the same email address and this will also cause the password reset to fail.  Please contact us if you are having trouble with login or  the password reset. 

If you have a Roster Profile and wish to update it you will need to use the SAME "User Account" that you logged in with when you added your name to the Roster, a new account will not give you access to anything added with an old account.

A login for CatAdjuster.org DOES NOT give you access to the Classifieds website and vice versa, so if you created an account for the Classifieds to post ads that account does NOT give you access to this site.  If you wish to post ads in the Classifieds you will need an account for the Classifieds. Please see the Classifieds for additional information.

Please review the following if you plan on adding name to the Roster.

The only information from your user profile that is connected to the Adjuster Roster is the "username" you use to add your name to the Roster.  This means that a photo added to your user account is not added to your Roster listing. So if you wish to be listed on the Roster you will need to add your name by completing the form to the Roster and if you wish to have a photo connected to your listing you will be able to add one at the bottom of the "Add Listing" form.  

To update your  Roster information (and we recommend you keep it updated) be sure to login with the same "CADO User Account" that you logged in with when you added your name to the Roster, a new user account will not give you access to anything added with an old account.

Removing your "CADO User Account" DOES NOT remove your Roster profile. If you need to remove your Roster Profile please contact us.

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