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10/14/2023The Directory is being upgraded

All the current listing will be transferred to the new Directory.  Once completed this "Notice" will be removed and the Directory will be below.

You can add your industry related company to the new Directory (login is Required to add your company) just follow this link to the new Directory temporary area;

12/8/2023 Update:  It is taking longer to complete the transfer of the listings in the old Directory due to content verification, if the information contained in the listing is found to be invalid the listing will not be transferred.   You can add a new or updated listing as stated above.


Our Directory is a free service offer to the insurance claims community that allows industry related businesses to provide information about their company, products and services that may be helpful to insurance adjusters and the claim handling industry.


Latetst Updates to the New Directory

National Claims Adjusters, Inc

life long adjuster
National Claims Adjusters, Inc was founded in 2001.  Our Home Office is located in Bradenton, FL.  National Claims Adjusters, Inc. services the continental US on a daily...


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With a phone Copytalk helps adjusters become more efficient & productive! We have a simple & easy way for you to document your notes, client interactions & meeting conversations for...


CADO Admin
HOVER is a platform that transforms smartphone photos of any home to a fully measured, customizable 3D model so you can estimate a project confidently and easily visualize what the final...

New England Laser & Transit Company

CADO Admin
 New England Laser & Transit Company is an online retailer for construction lasers, laser measuring devices, and transits. We service and sell brands such as:Leica, AGL, Agatec, Sokkia,...

Tool Experts

CADO Admin
Tool Experts has a wide variety of instruments for the catastrophe adjuster.  Some of the more popular items include Cougar Paw Roof Boots, shingle guages, laser distrance measurement,...

OrionCase L.L.C.

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OrionCase is a distributor for several major case corporations, including Pelican, Hardigg, Zarges, SKB, and Parker.  We specialize in reusable, weatherproof, transportable cases for any need...

Cougar Paws

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  From the site; Cougar Paws brand boots and accessories were developed by a guy like you - a roofer - so they know the "ups and downs" of working above the ground. They...

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Disto laser measuring devices from Measure faster and more accurately with Leica Disto laser measuring device from Experienced adjusters help you select the right...
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