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Directory Upgrade Notice

10/14/2023The Directory is being upgraded

All the current listing will be transferred to the new Directory.  Once completed this "Notice" will be removed and the Directory will be below.

You can add your industry related company to the new Directory (login is Required to add your company) just follow this link to the new Directory temporary area;



Our Directory is a free service offer to the insurance claims community that allows industry related businesses to provide information about their company, products and services that may be helpful to insurance adjusters and the claim handling industry.


Latetst Updates to the New Directory

2021 Training, LLC

2021 Training is the latest in online training.  We emulate live classroom experience for new adjusters getting into the field.   Our training is available online 24 hours a day / 7...

Academy of Insurance Adjusting

Kyle Winston
AIA’s approach to teaching is designed to enhance your learning experience. Our small class size, one-on-one hands on training, property damage labs,  opportunity to experience sample...

Adjuster Pro LLC

AdjusterPro’s unique website is dedicated to advancing the career of the insurance adjuster through personal career consultation, adjuster licensing, software training, continuing education...

The Littleton Group

The Littleton Group has been providing exceptional Claim Services since 1976. Our flexibility gives us our greatest edge in client loyalty as well as adjuster loyalty. We provide Daily...

Pilot Catastrophe Services, Inc.

CADO Admin
Pilot Catastrophe Services, Inc. is the most knowledgeable, trusted and reliable claims processing operation in North America.  All Qualified, customer service Property, Auto and Marine...
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