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This page provides information and resources related to the handling of flood claims.

Some Flood Events

HURRICANE KATRINA, Aug-2005 Number of Paid Flood Losses - 166,790, amount paid - $16,257,744,061.

SUPERSTORM SANDY, Oct-2012, Number of Paid Flood Losses - 132,360, amount paid - $8,804,242,152

HURRICANE HARVEY, Sep-2017, Number of Paid Flood Losses - 76,257, amount paid - $8,908,547,689, Source: FEMA

Colorado Flooding

Renewing/Obtaining Flood Control Number

Adjusters seeking to maintain their active registered status must attend an NFIP Claims Presentation each calendar year. Use the read more link for information about the qualification process or to contact the Bureau & Statistical Agent. Source: NFIP .

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National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Claims Manual

Links to the current edition and previous editions of the NFIP Claims Manual.

Effective October 1, 2021
Effective May 1 2020
Effective June 1, 2019
Effective August 30, 2018
Effective September 2, 2013
The "read more" link will take you to the source the manuals, please check the Claims Manual section on that page,

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NFIP Fee Schedule

You can check current edition and previous editions of the NFIP Claims Manual for the Adjuster Fee Schedule that applies.  It's based on the Date of Loss. The current edition has an Effective May 1, 2020. Section 9.7 of the current Addition, NFIP Fee Schedule, Adjusters may bill based on the current NFIP Adjuster Fee Schedule: • Current Adjuster Fee Schedule effective August 24, 2017 (See Appendix A) • For ICC claims, use the ICC fee schedule effective September 1, 2004 (See Appendix f.

Fee Schedule

Latest edition of the NFIP Claims Manual

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Latest edition of the NFIP Claims Manual

The Claims Manual

The Latest addition of the Claims Manual is effective 10/2021, a link to the manual is listed below

Purpose The purpose of the NFIP Claims Manual is to improve clarity of claims guidance to WYOs, vendors, adjusters, and examiners so that policyholders experience consistent and reliable service. The manual provides processes for handling claims from the notice of loss to final payment. All NFIP bulletins, other than those announcing Flood Insurance Claims Office numbers, Flood Response Office locations, claims adjuster briefings, and current and future program changes, are superseded by this manual and of no further effect.

Source: The above is from the Claims Manual

A link to a pdf that contains the changes to the claims manual in the Oct 1, 2021 edition is listed below in the link section.

NFIP Claims Manual Table of Changes Updates to the October 1, 2021 NFIP Claims Manual These tables note specific and substantive changes, additions, and deletions in the 2021 NFIP Claims Manual, as compared to the May 2020 version. Section 1 compares the October 2015 SFIPs shown in the May 2020 NFIP Claims Manual to the October 2021 SFIPs shown in this Manual. FEMA made corrections throughout the entire document to sentence structure, capitalization, acronyms, formatting (font, paragraphs, spacing, bullets, numbering, etc.), plain language, word choice, grammar, punctuation, and repetitiveness. We will continue to refine this product at each update.

Source: The above is the NFIP Claims Manual Table of Changes

Please note that there is the NFIP Claims Manual and a NFIP Insurance Manual.  The Insurance Manual is available on the same page as the Claims Manual but "is used primarily by insurers and agents selling and servicing NFIP flood insurance."


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More links

  • Claims Manual - Effective Oct 1, 2021The updated edition of the National Flood Insurance Program’s (NFIP) Claims Manual effective October 1, 2021,
  • NFIP Claims Manual Table of ChangesThese tables note specific and substantive changes, additions, and deletions in the 2021 NFIP Claims Manual, as compared to the May 2020 version.
  • Claims Manual - Effective May 1, 2020This manual improves clarity of flood insurance claims guidance to NFIP Write Your Own (WYO) companies, flood vendors, flood adjusters and examiners, so that policyholders experience consistency and reliability of service.
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Need Flood Adjusters

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Below is a link to a FEMA page that provides reports that can be downloaded which provides flood insurance losses per state.The table on that page includes open claims, closed claims, and claims closed without payment.

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