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OKLAHOMA DOI decides to police the entire country for license compliance

Old Wise Fox
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OKLAHOMA DOI decides to police the entire country for license compliance.  Upon my recent submission for license renewal as a Non-Resident, the DOI rep Nicki has decided to question my standing with my home state of Nevada!  I am complete good standing with Nevada, and have offered to provide a "Letter of Good Standing", which Nicki refused to accept. She is demanding my continuing education formal receipts. She refuses to accept any certificates issues by attending classes such as NFIP, Symbility, etc.  In a very rude 1970's condescending government attitude, she asked if she could just cancel my request, and keep the monies I've paid!  She said that she is just enforcing state statutes, and snottingly that I have 60 days to comply from her first response. REMEMBER, this was a Non Resident license.  I hope she can write estimates!!


JD Weber · 6/15/2018 8:44:29 PM

That defeats the whole purpose of reciprocity

rush · 9/28/2018 4:34:48 AM

Good to read

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