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Field Experiences of a Female Catastrophe Adjuster.

by  Randi Meyer

It was obvious that she was dead. Once you've seen a dead person, there's no doubt in your mind the next time you stumble upon Death's handiwork. And here I was, in a back bedroom of an old house in San Francisco, with two strangers, and a dead woman lying on the bed.

I'm a catastrophe adjuster, the only woman on a team of ten sent into San Francisco after high winds and heavy rain caused more property damage than the local adjusters could handle quickly. Only about 10% of the national pool of catastrophe adjusters,  or "cat adjusters," as we're called, are women. Of that 10%, only approximately 3%  work without a partner. I work alone. At that moment, I was quite aware of my solitary situation.

(Recovered Blog Post, first posted May 7, 2000)

Is It Really Just The Money ,(The Bonum and the Summum Bonum)?

by Steve Ebner first posted 12/7/2004

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A article from the CADO article archive and was first posted on:12/7/2004

It occurred to me that this was just another perk of being a catadjuster.  I have lived in many places, been a gypsy most of my life.  When I think back, my life comes back to me in bits and pieces, as a bit of what happened in this place and a bit of what happened in that. 

Cat Adjusting as a Profession (Is It For Me?)

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Title: Cat Adjusting as a Profession (Is It For Me?)
First Posted: Friday, November 26, 2004
Author: Gary White



My son is now ready to go to college away from home and excluding approximately 21 months in an attempt to try something different in my life as a "financial planner", I have been adjusting, supervising or investigating claims for almost 27 years. By the way, I have worked my share of hail, wind, tornado and hurricane cats for other carriers so I know from whence I speak. Even during the time while I was trying to become a "financial planner", I supplemented my income with adjusting temp jobs and contract adjusting work.



The “Killer” amongst us.

A article by Dave Hood

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 There are many ways to approach the demise of the catastrophe adjuster.

   1) The fatal auto accident.

   2) The falling off the roof.

  3) The stroke

  4) The heart attack

Many of the above are related to the difficult and lengthily work hours we endure to provide our services to those that require them, as well as to provide for our families.

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An extreme example of the dreaded 'steel hail'.

 "Honest, officer, my accelerator stuck."

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What is your least favorite type of property claim to work?

I can't stand working theft claims but i don't get too many of them.  I guess a close 2nd would be lightning claims.  Give me a good hail or wind claim so I can inspect it and close it.

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