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Change of Profession? (experienced large loss and cat adjuster)

I appreciate if you'd let me pick your brains for a moment here. I've got about a decade's of heavy cat adjuster experience (working in house for one of the major carriers) and about 5+ solid years o

Posted: 06/24/2018 7:35 AM Replies: 0

Lloyds Changing their claims philosophy

Someone is seeing that change is due.   Lloyd’s launches claims change program By Stuart Collins Feb. 04, 2008 LONDON—Lloyd’s of London is to push ahead with plans to improve the market’

Posted: 02/04/2008 3:30 AM Replies: 4

Everyone wants 3yr + Experience, What the He!! do you really want?

I am new to this field.  I have family that does it and so I got the certifications and classes needed to get going plus some.  I find it almost ridiculous that every IA Firm out t

Posted: 07/11/2011 4:18 PM Replies: 4

Total vehicle miles driven during 2005

I'm new to the game, hoping like everyone else that 07 turns out to be a profitable year.  Just interested in how many miles people ended up logging during 2005.

Posted: 01/12/2007 8:07 PM Replies: 14

Treating trusses with smoke damage.

Hello, I have a question that seems to get mixed answers.  In a home that has been damaged by fire, some of the trusses and studs that were not damaged need to be treated to make sure th

Posted: 03/19/2007 12:11 PM Replies: 10

North Alabama Claims

Greetings from North Alabama. I am located in Marshall County which is between Gadsden and Huntsville. I've been doing this since 85 and I can't believe the amount of and how wide spread the damage is

Posted: 04/30/2011 7:39 AM Replies: 1

Joaquin the real deal or don't give up your day job.

This one looks interesting on the early model runs. Out to sea, possible but NE coast is also possible. Stay tuned.

Posted: 09/29/2015 12:44 PM Replies: 5

Reciprocity, declarations of emergency, and multiple state license questions as it pertains to AUTO claims

I realize I may be rehashing some common knowledge to experienced claims professionals but to knew doods like me I think sum clarification is in order especially as it pertains to auto adjusters. Just

Posted: 06/22/2012 7:13 AM Replies: 4

Vendors looking for adjusters

This is a short list of vendors who have contacted me to deploy recently to Louisiana and Texas. CNC, Mobile AL. Frontier Claims ,Texas Integrity Claims Service, Mobile AL. For all of you newbies

Posted: 09/14/2008 5:35 AM Replies: 2

Mold case in Calif

Below is a write up in the National Underwriter on a recent mold case that was decided in Calif.  The plaintiff sued the carrier claiming that the remediation contractor's were agents of theirs,

Posted: 11/05/2008 9:41 AM Replies: 2