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Things to do before you leave on a deployment

As i am double checking everything to make sure I have everything in order for another deployment. I began wondering what others are doing to get prepared. Today I got the fiver out and was checking

Posted: 08/14/2007 1:33 PM Replies: 8

2010 going to be a make or break year for a lot of adjusters

Savings accounts are running dry.  Large winter storms did not produce much work for one reason or another.  A slow spring could mean trouble for a lot of us.  Not really the best time

Posted: 02/18/2010 9:24 AM Replies: 73

The New Changes in Catastrophe Adjusting

2007 may be a year as severe as 04 and 05 in regards severe  damage to buildings from wind/flood perils.If this happens the volume will overwhelm the claim departments of the insurance carri

Posted: 06/04/2007 8:19 AM Replies: 13

Opinion or a statement? Watch what you say.

I ran across an article on a defamation lawsuit against an adjuster for what he told the insured\claimant. The lawsuit was first thrown out by a lower court that stated the comments that were made&nbs

Posted: 11/06/2006 6:54 AM Replies: 11

"Muffled Cries" story of adjuster killed in Tampa in Nov 04 reruns 9/22/07 at 6:30pm ET

Florida Farm Bureau adjuster, Katie Froeschle, age 25 ,was murdered in Tampa,FL on November 12, 2004 while inspecting a loss by the tenant who is now serving life in prison. Forensic Files investigate

Posted: 09/15/2007 4:23 AM Replies: 31

Sample of recorded statement for claimant

Hi everyone. I have just been given my first assignment to take a R/S from the claimant and witness by an independent company.  Does anyone know where I can find a sample R/S that I can f

Posted: 11/08/2010 12:07 PM Replies: 16

The 2010 Thar She Blows Contest

The 2010 Thar She Blows Contest has started! This year's grand prize will be a Leica DISTOâ„¢ D8. The entry deadline is May 15st or when a TS is named if earlier. Click here for more details and to en

Posted: 03/23/2010 4:55 AM Replies: 0

Attention Xactimate Users

Hello to all of you hard working people I am a seasoned adjuster taking a hiatus to raise my beautiful children. I would like to provide a service to all of you out there staring at a "pile" of files

Posted: 03/26/2008 10:12 AM Replies: 21

wet light fixtures

Almost everyone agrees that non-metallic sheathed cable (romex) that has been submerged in salt water needs to be replaced as the paper wrap around the ground wire wicks corrosive salt water up severa

Posted: 11/06/2010 6:13 PM Replies: 17

Can You Name this Shingle?

I received this photo from a fellow adjuster working in Arkansas, asking what kind of shingle this is, and I don't have a clue. It's the same thickness as a 20 year 3-tab. If anyone can identif

Posted: 07/13/2009 5:29 AM Replies: 9