The advantage of recruiting non-insurance workers as claims professionals


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For independent adjusters, the need to replace retiring workers is becoming more urgent.

“A number of our front-line adjusters are very senior, very talented and experienced,” said Paul Féron senior vice president for Ontario and Manitoba at ClaimsPro LP. “In the next 5 to 10 years, a significant number of them will be retiring and deserve to retire. We need to be implementing proper succession planning and mentoring programs.”

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NCJUA/NCIUA Approved Catastrophe Adjusters

Updated: 3/24/19

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The North Carolina Joint Underwriting Association (NCJUA), also known as the FAIR (Fair Access to Insurance Requirements) Plan, is a tax exempt association of insurance companies licensed to write and engage in writing property insurance coverage in North Carolina. The Association was created by law to act as a market of last resort to provide adequate basic property insurance to property owners having insurable property in North Carolina.

The above is a quote from their site. 

Don’t Mess With Texas Adjusters In Hail Damage Claims

Source: Zelle Hofmann Voelbel & Mason LLP

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Texas hail claim policyholder lawyers, like many plaintiffs’ lawyers, clearly prefer to be in state court rather than federal court. To accomplish this and prevent the defendant insurer from properly removing the lawsuit to federal court, Texas policyholder attorneys simply sue the adjuster (who, like the policyholder, is almost always a Texas resident). This common act of gamesmanship ostensibly destroys the complete diversity of citizenship required for federal court diversity jurisdiction, allowing the policyholder to litigate its hail damage claim in state court.

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