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Adding sublimit deductibles

I am studying xactimate 28. When entering sublimits, which do not get deductibles added? do I make the deductibles coverage specific or leave the deductible on dwelling then get covered by the rest?

Posted: 04/30/2016 11:35 AM Replies: 0

Sample Completed Claim

Does anyone out there have a sample completed claim that a new adjuster could look over, maybe get an Idea of what a well put together claim looks like. You could black out the names, just something t

Posted: 10/21/2013 3:41 PM Replies: 2

FIrestone .045 rubber roof question......

I am working a commercial loss in which insured alleges "wind" damage to rubber roofing membrane around perimeter of roof.  Approx area is 355' x 78'.  9' to 12' high parapet wall on front,

Posted: 06/05/2008 12:48 PM Replies: 11

T&E vs. Fee Schedule

I am working as a research assistant for someone writing an article for Claims Magazine. The subject matter is exploring the differences between working files on a T&E basis verses working on

Posted: 09/03/2009 6:23 PM Replies: 1

For some homeowners hit by Sandy, insurance payouts fall short; inexperienced adjusters blamed

"Many homeowners who got slammed by Superstorm Sandy are finding that their flood insurance checks are nowhere near large enough to cover repairs. Consumer advocates put some of the blame on errors b

Posted: 10/23/2013 1:46 PM Replies: 25

Cars surfing on mud waves

[script removed]   Five homes were tagged with a red notice warning they were unsafe to enter. At one house, mud was piled up to the handle on the front door and the yard was completely

Posted: 02/06/2010 1:22 PM Replies: 5

Chat Room - Update

We have problem with the chat room   However, we have provided a new one for you to use until we can get the old one working again. We used this chat room in the past so long time visitors may re

Posted: 02/02/2011 4:43 PM Replies: 2

Deducting Roof Openings

I have recently spoken with someone I have been helping who is just getting started in the business.  He is doing a few oveflow hail claims directly for a smaller regional carrier

Posted: 11/23/2007 11:02 AM Replies: 19

Don't Jump Ship

I am getting some private messages asking what I thought about jumping the GUSTAV ship and boarding the IKE ship. DON'T DO THAT. If you have commited to a vendor for Gustav in La. then finish your com

Posted: 09/14/2008 5:50 AM Replies: 6

Thoughts from A Staff Adjuster

Lots of people must have gotten out of independant adjusting this year. Since Dolly almost every roster I signed up for has called asking me to be on call.  As most of you know, I took a job with

Posted: 08/21/2008 7:17 AM Replies: 21