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P&C stsate licensing and regulations

First, I admit here that I'm not an insurance adjuster. So I'm hoping you are still willing to help me with information. Can anyone confirm if any state law restricts an insurance claims adjuster from

Posted: 04/07/2016 4:57 AM Replies: 1

And we thought it was bad before

The second largest insurance carrier in Canada has launched a new campaign aimed at humanizing the insureds perception of their company and the industry at large. Part of their campaign is a full refu

Posted: 04/25/2008 10:14 AM Replies: 20

E & O

I don't see anything regarding E & O insurance mentioned. As independent adjusters do folks carry this type of protection as do most Realtors? Thanks...

Posted: 08/03/2008 3:23 AM Replies: 15

Topics moved

Posted By Roy Cupps on 11/18/2007 12:59 PM Some of the post in this thread have been moved into a new thread located >> here   Your link is redirecting back to the index page. Even when I

Posted: 11/24/2007 12:25 PM Replies: 17

Florida VS SF

This is, and will be a hot topic so as not to hijack the other tread going I thought it deserved it's own spot.  Below is the latest on what the FL OIR is doing on the issue.  If I were a ga

Posted: 01/30/2009 5:44 AM Replies: 8

Did I mess up?

 I just got hired by Pilot, I guess. They called and said get your paperwork in and get ready for a drug test. The lady told me that she knew they would call me so pack my bags. I have all paperw

Posted: 08/30/2011 8:36 PM Replies: 50

Totaling a loss

I find this board to be very informative, and I thought I would post a question that has been on my mind about severe losses.  My experience to date has been limited to smaller cat claims ($

Posted: 05/06/2009 12:39 PM Replies: 28

Change of Profession? (experienced large loss and cat adjuster)

I appreciate if you'd let me pick your brains for a moment here. I've got about a decade's of heavy cat adjuster experience (working in house for one of the major carriers) and about 5+ solid years o

Posted: 06/24/2018 7:35 AM Replies: 0

Adjusting Firm Question

I know its a weird question but just curious, What (if any) licenses do you have to have to START an adjusting firm in Texas (or for that matter any state).

Posted: 08/09/2012 5:56 PM Replies: 2

New tree removal question

what is the highest residential tree removal claim. For removing a tree from a houses that anyone has seen? where? What casued it?

Posted: 04/20/2009 5:36 PM Replies: 12