Ladder Safety

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As hail season approaches we want to remind everybody to think ladder safety each and ever time you grab that ladder. OSHA has reported that the most recent accident statistics suggest that the working men and women in America abuse and misuse ladders in the workplace as a rule rather than an exception.


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Structure/Contents/Packout by the SF

Has anyone had any experience with this?  For example you have fire damage to a home with light smoke damage.  Take the Floor SF of a room times 1.35 light/1.50 med/ 1.75 heavy soot.  T

Posted: 04/09/2008 3:32 PM Replies: 5

Mentor ----Trainee how to onsite

ust curious what peoples thoughts are I have heard many different things what does a trainee expect ???   whats fair to both parties?

Posted: 09/02/2008 6:20 PM Replies: 1

What is an Adjuster good for Anymore?

I know this is long, but please read, at the end there is a twist and I hope that my experience will help you or someone else. Thank you for reading. Adjusters should be owed the right to share their

Posted: 11/15/2015 2:48 AM Replies: 3

Rusty Cat Adjuster has questions

hello, i use to work for a carrier : (  a few years ago.. I have some questions as I've never worked for an independent firm.   1. do you report to anyone on site?  if you have questi

Posted: 06/11/2008 9:38 AM Replies: 2

CAT adjuster income tax prep

Do CAT adjusters file their tax returns as a self-employed person?        If you have a w-2 should you only file as single,married,etc and use the business expense f

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Midwest Tornado Damages

I heard that several states were hit hard. Just curious if the damage is extremely widespread, or confined. Do any of you think it will be "one of those events" to look forward to getting a call and b

Posted: 05/15/2009 9:00 AM Replies: 0

What happened to the CAT adjusting?

I have worked as a property adjuster since 1990.  I started with Aetna and worked as a regular territory based staff adjuster (5) years, then independent staff (10) years and in between contract

Posted: 10/18/2009 9:53 AM Replies: 15

Who Pays for the E & O

Just wondering out loud here. When you work for a vendor do they pay for E & O or do you?

Posted: 11/02/2010 3:37 AM Replies: 12

Two catastriphic hail events within three days

Some BIG hail the past week in Kansas and Missouri.  Record hail stone in KS last Wednesday and another huge round of storms in the western Kansas City area on Saturday night. We have analyzed bo

Posted: 09/20/2010 1:55 PM Replies: 4

Do any of you make any real money doing 1099 daily claims?

Seems like twice the work and less than half the pay.

Posted: 11/27/2011 12:25 PM Replies: 8