Friday, February 29, 2008

Common Estimating Errors

Author: Roy

By John Postava;  First posted in the forum.

"They say there have been more mistakes made by computers than Tequila and Hand Guns combined.  That being said, with the help of one of the top trainers at Vale National Training Center we published a white paper on what we feel are some of the top ...

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Why are Flod Claims so different

Let me start by saying that I know you have a hard job and I understand that. I am trying to understand why flood claims that have the same damage are treated so different. A row of five town houses

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What do you guys do for a living when there are no storms?

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Reservation Of Rights Letters By Veronica M. Bates and Renee C. Callantine July 28, 2008 Based on the PLRB seminar presentation on Reservation of Rights Letters by Veronica M. Bates, Hermes Sargent

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Tree house

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P&C stsate licensing and regulations

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Looking for Work!!!!

I'm Looking for work? Are they calling in adjusters yet for the ice storm?

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Anyone been approached about handling personal property inspections for a flat service fee plus mileage?

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