Friday, June 8, 2007

Florida Focus---Changes in the Wind?

Author: Roy
Some of us reside in Florida.  Many more of us have served time here with a stint or two following catastrophes that impacted the Sunshine State.  In the aftermath of Andrew;  the 'four in 2004', and then Wilma, old-timers and rookie adjusters alike saturated the fourth largest state and served for weeks and months.
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Who Are You?

    WHO AM I? I like to describe myself as a moderate Independent. Many of my friends are moderate Republicans. We grew up together. Some of us went to school together. Some were well

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I like my job.  Im good at it. But big storms like Ike and Katrina bring a whole different kind of stress animal.  Smaller hurricanes and hail deployments are stressful, but nowhere near a

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Veterans Day

This coming Monday is to be celebrated for “Veterans Day”, I for one would like to take this time to celebrate and salute all of our Veterans past, present and future. I give “Thanks

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Whats the best way to find work?

I have just finished my first deployment I have been working full time for the last twenty months as an IA.  Worked wind/hail claims on residential and light commercial, a few theft claims, and s

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White Collar Job In A Blue Collar Uniform

 I believe that the claims industry can be very misleading to most outsiders because it has all of the outward appearances of a blue collar job when in fact it is truly not.  Example: 

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Who are we, Really?

Written by Craig R. Smith of World Net Daily  The other day I was reading Newsweek magazine and came across some poll data I found rather hard to believe. It must be true given the source, right

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Adjusters opinion on Vendor

I am looking for some feedback on Eagle adjusting from anyone who has worked for them.  I would have posted this in vendor feedback but the forum was closed.  Much appreciated.

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What to do when the insured is deceased or divorced

I think death and divorce are common issues that rarely get covered in training. Adjusters learn what to do by trial and error, or if they are lucky, a knowledgeable supervisor tells them what to do.

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what is your time worth?

Where I am located, the amount of claims have dropped considerably. I am considering file examination on the side, on a contract basis. But I am unsure what is a fair fee per file to expect. This isn'

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I am so tired of dealing with file reviewers.

Take any estimate anywhere written by anybody.  Give it to 5 different adjusters to analyze and you will get 5 different estimates, 5 different reports, 5 different sets of pictures, 5 different

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