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Estimating Questions

When estimating a large loss and a GC is involved how do you account for project supervision? When a roof requires deck and shingle replacement and is two stories and steep, do you allow 2 steep fees

Posted: 11/13/2007 6:25 PM Replies: 48

Health Insurance and the Adjuster

For Months now we all have been listening to the debate on health care reform. As adjusters it would seem that this would be a mute topic given our industry. Of course, it's not. We all know how

Posted: 09/26/2009 11:30 PM Replies: 22

Memorial Day

 We created a special page this weekend for Memorial Day, it is currently the main landing page of CADO so to get to it just click the page provides an

Posted: 05/25/2009 5:11 AM Replies: 4

There must be a need for experienced Adjusters

   There must be a need somewhere for us experienced adjusters. There is not a Bachelors degree alive that prepares a Newbie for what is in store for them when they get face to face w/ an in

Posted: 09/15/2010 10:40 AM Replies: 11

Opinion or a statement? Watch what you say.

I ran across an article on a defamation lawsuit against an adjuster for what he told the insured\claimant. The lawsuit was first thrown out by a lower court that stated the comments that were made&nbs

Posted: 11/06/2006 6:54 AM Replies: 11

False & Deceptive Advertising

Here's a little something we can all enjoy sinking our teeth into. Have you noticed the new ad posted here on CADO by Insurance Recruiting Specialists, a division of Big Dawg Enterprises? It's a repea

Posted: 11/17/2009 9:33 AM Replies: 14

Canada hail work

How many of you have worked north of the border?  Did you drive your own vehicle with your tools/ladder?  Licensing needed?  Pay rate decent?  Just wondering as I went on stand by

Posted: 08/15/2012 12:39 PM Replies: 4

Apartment House Carport Collapse-Subrogation ??

This is the DFW area for storm far the Thursday 12 inch wet snow fall an amount that goes back to 1917. This is far from a slam dunk for the auto owner or the carriers. Most auto carriers are member o

Posted: 02/14/2010 11:22 AM Replies: 6

Franklin, Gert now 7 TS where are the hurricanes

Another active year and a record for the most named storms with no hurricanes. 92L is going going gone. 93l is back but will it ever be more then another namerd storm.  96l came and went so

Posted: 08/15/2011 4:13 AM Replies: 8

Insurance agent needs help in florida to start adjusting??

Hello, my name is Michael Zick.  I live in Tampa.  I have my Life, Health, and VA license.  I want to become an general adjuster to begin with.  Couls anyone please help direct me

Posted: 01/21/2009 5:49 PM Replies: 11