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Looking for a IA or Cat Firms that will provide a mentoring opportunity

I'm Scott from Virginia carry a FL Lic and applying for aditional states now.  I'm 40, not married, no children pretty much unencumbered.  I have built  over 600 houses and done 100's o

Posted: 11/27/2009 5:36 AM Replies: 2

Florida Adjusters Study Guide/Manual

Has anyone used the Florida Adjusters Study Guide to prepare for the state exam? What's your opinion of the textbook? Was the textbook helpful and full of relevant info that's included in the exam, or

Posted: 04/05/2018 8:31 AM Replies: 0

Commercial vs Residential

Hi Everybody! This is my first time here. I'm not one of you so please forgive me if I'm violating some protocol. I am a retired plumbing contractor helping a friend go through his claim from State Fa

Posted: 06/21/2007 10:54 AM Replies: 11

Adjusting Agrigulture and Crop Losses

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on adjusting crop losses?  I have looked at some in the past, but it's been a while and I am not sure how the industry has changed.  Thanks.

Posted: 01/30/2008 3:21 AM Replies: 3

Internet on a Storm

Hey guys when Im not working for an insurance company I also work for a internet company. We now offer a product that everyone can use and can use anywhere with great speeds and an awsome price. My em

Posted: 07/23/2009 12:15 PM Replies: 5

Finding Scope Generation and Estimating Assignments

Hello All,   I would like some advise on how to secure more scope and estimating projects.  I am a senior building consultant with an engineer on staff (2 man crew) We have all the tools a

Posted: 06/18/2009 11:19 AM Replies: 4

starting out

hi my name is chester thompson i recieve my texas P&C licenese. I want to become a full time adjusters, i want to get a all my certification, and AIC. here is my questions. can be a  full-ti

Posted: 10/22/2006 8:23 PM Replies: 5

? on Appraisal Process.

I have been appointed appraiser for a carrier involved with a substantial contents claim.  The policyholder hired a PA firm  The PA firm requested appraisal and have named their apprais

Posted: 12/22/2009 4:16 PM Replies: 15

Mentor ----Trainee how to onsite

ust curious what peoples thoughts are I have heard many different things what does a trainee expect ???   whats fair to both parties?

Posted: 09/02/2008 6:20 PM Replies: 1


Lots of new people could get hooked up on their first storm, if they can write an estimate. Use your own house. Your house and all the contents was blown off the foundation by a tornado. Total destruc

Posted: 07/02/2010 5:11 AM Replies: 4