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State of the Industry

With another year upon us without hurricanes causing any significant damage to U.S. property what is going to happen to the Cat adjusting community? Still see lots of ads for training schools. With the current situation all of the folks that took these courses must be saying I should of kept the fees in order to eat. Who is gonna remember the meagre amount of info these courses provide anyway. Better than nothing I guess but providing the answers to the exam did not really prepare anyone to adjust properly anyway. What are the veterans doing? Normally put enough money away to last from season to season but it's been two years. Daily Claims? I hear the big firms are slow. True? Lets see a state of the union. Your comments?

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I totally agree - we went to class, left home with the promise from AMCAT that they had 2+ years of work - now nothing and they are herding people thru class like cattle - what's up with that? We were thrown to wolves however have learned a multitude of information - now looking elsewhere and nobody wants u unless you have 3 yrs exp - where u gonna get it?

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as far as classes are concerned and the point you made about what is being done to improve the quality and understanding of practical knowledge that an adjuster needs, I've seen is offering Live Instructor training that seems pretty good, in addition to the online course that is approved by the state of Texas and you can also bypass the state exam if you take the online exam after the course to get your insurance adjuster license fast.

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