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CADO March 2007 Update

Well this site update is taking a little longer than I first planned.  I first started working on a major update to site back in 2004, before the hurricanes.  You may recall the first half of 2004 was pretty slow and I had decided to finally convert to the site to a new version of .net, but I had many things to do before it could be converted.  Boom! The 2004 season comes in with a bang and it seems like I have been running ever since.  I do not believe I even worked on the site from the time Charley hit until about April of 2006.  During this period there were many problems with the site some were noticeable to the users but most of them were not.  I also must admit CADO Service during this period was real bad, you could even say it sucked big time.  I did not have a chance to read many of the emails I received during this period much less reply to them.  To the many people that sent me emails and never received a reply I'm truly sorry. To make things worst the CADO membership grew by the thousands, it was around 5,000 before Charley hit and grew to over  9,000 in less than 2 years.  The 9,000 amount was before I made the change in the user databases in October of 2006. When I moved the user database over 2,000 accounts did not get converted so we went from 10,000 plus members to around 8,000.

Anyway I believe I may be back on track now and will use this blog to bring you up to speed on the changes to CADO.



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dale wilson

Roy looks good. My first visit. Just wondering how you are doing. my e-mail

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