Crawford & Company® Launches Australia’s First National Insurance Drone Service
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Crawford & Company® Launches Australia’s First National Insurance Drone Service

Crawford 7/6/16 Press Release

SYDNEY (6 July, 2016) – Crawford & Company® has launched Crawford® Drone, designed to significantly improve catastrophe and operational claims management by providing real-time detail. Darren Trot, Crawford’s national business development manager, said, “Drone technology ideally complements traditional claims assessment practices and gives us access to areas that were previously inaccessible or hazardous.”

Crawford has access to 40 drone pilots, all accredited by Civil Aviation Safety Authority, providing national coverage to metropolitan, regional and rural centres.

Trot said, “Drone technology is not a silver bullet for the insurance industry; however drones provide a significant opportunity to improve the speed and quality of source information, allowing faster and more accurate claim decisions to be made.”

Crawford recognizes benefits for insurers, brokers, risk managers and the wider community, across a variety of uses.

Aerial video and high-resolution still images can assist with roof inspections, property maintenance and damage assessments, as well as chemical spills and crop losses; while providing a quicker understanding of the extent and scope of damage across wide areas following a catastrophe.

“When aerial drone assessments are coupled with the technical expertise of our adjusters, we are able to combine the strength and depth of our experience with cutting-edge technology,” Trot said. The opportunities are endless.”

See the attached document for the full Press Release

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