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Password Reset

I have noticed some password reset errors.  Most of these errors have happened because the user was trying to reset their password and entered their "email address" in the username box.  You must enter your username and not your email address unless your email address is your user name. If the username is correct an email will be sent to the email address connected to the user account and when you click the link in the email you will be sent to a page on CADO to create a new password. 

When you create a your new password it must be at least 7 characters long.

  • If you receive an error message stating that "Your new password was not accepted for security reasons",  this could due to one of the following;
    • the password reset token has expired, it expires after 120 minutes
    • the user account is locked, too many unsuccessful login attempts were performed
    • the new password is one of the last 5 that you have used

    !! If you create a new password and nothing happens in most cases we have found it to because there is more than one account with the same email address. When the password reset works you will be logged in. You will know that it failed when you will remain on the same page where you enter the new password and see nothing happening. Please contact us if you have any trouble with the password reset. 

If you have trouble please contact us.

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