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Works for Me

Subject: Works for Me

Thread for ANYTHING in the world of adjusting that works to help get the job done- equipment, software, etc.

In this thread adjusters share their thoughts on equipment that works for them.

Source: 2006 Forum Post by RobertV
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Ice dam damage to Comp shingles ADDED PHOTO

   Have you ever seen damage to the comp shingles of a roof related to ice dams...I never have in 25 yrs of doing this.  I have a claim though that the contractor says the damage to th

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TS Don natures gift to Texas

A TS not likely to make Hurricane, but it will bring some badly needed rain to south Texas. No need to gas up your trucks, this is not going to create much work. All those standbys are a trial ru

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   Based on your posts , I know that there are a lot of you who share much of the same passion for catastrophe claim work as I do. Dedication to detail in this ever changing  industry h

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If a pig eats your car, will your insurance cover the damage?

From an article on;   If a pig eats your car, will your insurance cover the damage? The answer, according to the folks at Allstate, is yes, but only if you tell the whole tru

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Ride along and learn the ropes

Hello everyone! I have recently gotten my all lines license and looking to get into the business.  My parents drive the mobile offices and my brother has worked a few of the big storms, which is

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How dumb is dumb?

I was hanging out at the courthouse yesterday and heard a story I had to share. An insured gave a EUO to a major insurance carrier concerning a fire loss. Nothing in the EUO really hurt the insured as

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E&O insurance

What are some good compaines that sell E&O insurance?   What are the prices for poilcy's?

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First major deployment of the 2007 Cane Season, what will it mean?

I have some concerns about the first major deployment this season, will it be too little too late? Of course that depends on the size of the cane and where it hits. So many adjusters co

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Cat opportunities in Ontario Canada

For Canadian based and licensed adjusters.  Immediate work, daily rate.  Please forward resume and status at 

Posted: 07/23/2008 8:19 AM Replies: 0

PayScale's report on Adjuster Salaries

Quote from website: "Claims Adjuster Salary (United States)  The average salary for a Claims Adjuster is $46,380 per year. People in this job generally don't have more than 20 years'

Posted: 02/26/2014 1:41 PM Replies: 2