Sometimes hiring a sexy lady do the housework without her clothes on can cost a little more than the $100-an-hour you were expecting to pay.

A 50-year-old man in Tampa, Fla., found this out the hard way when a woman allegedly came to his house, took her clothes off, did a little dusting and then proceeded to pilfer $40,000 worth of his wife's jewelry that was evidently lying around. The man says that he left the woman alone to clean his bedroom.

Police have said that the woman, named Kenna Dimartini (left), is a "person of interest" in the case, and the man's wife -- who was out of town caring for her sick mother when her husband hired the maid on Craigslist -- has already told reporters that she is going to seek a divorce after the incident.

Questions Raised: If you hired a naked maid, why would you be in any room other than the one where she is cleaning? Where could a nude maid hide that much jewelry for her getaway?