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Last Post 10/25/2008 2:58 PM by  Tom Toll
Who Are You?
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Tom Toll
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10/25/2008 2:58 PM



    WHO AM I?

    I like to describe myself as a moderate Independent. Many of my friends are moderate Republicans. We grew up together. Some of us went to school together. Some were well off and became better off with age. Some were poor and have done well as they grew older. However, we all seem to respect each others' opinions when it comes to politics. That is not true of the national scene of politics.

    Our democratic form of government allows for freedom of speech. It permits opposing parties to criticize the most powerful man in the world, the President of the United States. Newspapers are free to run critical stories and that has been our 200 year history. We all treasure our constitution but some treasure some parts more than others. Our country is prospering. Why are we so angry with each other? Why?

    Let me tell you about my beliefs...

    I believe that every child, from the point of conception, has the right to be protected and assisted by our government. I am, however, not a pro lifer. I believe a woman owns her own body and should not be told what to do with it. It also makes me angry when I see children who are assaulted by their parents or others. It makes me angry when I see children who are sexually abused. Those who are guilty of such crimes should be confined to prison for at least twenty years. To do this, more prisons would have to be built. Taxes would have to be raised. I am not a believer in Pork Barrel spending; it should be banned, just like lobbyists. If it were the politician’s personal money, they wouldn’t order a Pork Barrel either.

    I believe in capital punishment but only after the accused have been allowed to use every means possible to show that he is innocent. DNA testing should be required and provided for by the government. Again, this means the spending of tax dollars.

    I believe that we are all better off when our country is fully integrated. When people work together and party together regardless of race, creed, color or sexual orientation. In that regard, America has come a long way. I believe in keeping religion out of politics.

    I believe that Newt Gingrich was right when he spoke about a balanced budget and term limits. However, those concepts were just words to help Republicans take over the Congress. Some Republicans have lived with the concept of term limits. Few elected officials believe in this concept.

    I believe an educated society is the best society. All should have an opportunity to achieve to the best of their ability. We should provide education at the earliest age. Day care should be provided to those that cannot afford it. We have proven that a home with a working mother can raise good children. Welfare should be a bridge to allow people to support themselves and not a couch to lie on generation after generation. I wish the old Civil Conversation Corps would be re-established so those on welfare could help build America again.

    I am a true blooded American and damn proud of it. I am also part Native American, and damn proud of it. I also detest slackers and moochers and moronic statements. I am a believer that parents should be parents and not providers for those over 21. I have worked hard for all I have and damn proud of that fact. My family, fortunately, made a decent wage for their labor. As a young man I worked on the farm just like my Father. He taught me well which has allowed me to do well. I was given the opportunity to attend college and took advantage of that opportunity. It was the most important decision I have ever made.

    Above all I am patriotic and love my country and what it has provided. With all these beliefs, I am an Independent. Why? I don’t believe in listening to a party specific and doing what they tell you to do. I have a free mind that loves to think on it s own.


    Now, who are you?


    Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
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