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6 Replies and 5415 Views Thoughts on setting up an estimate in Simsol  5415  6 Started by  ChuckDeaton If you are interested in a book we put together to assist flood adjusters we are assisting email me,, and ask. It is free, we are not Adjuster Pro.
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by  Deleted UserJump to last post
11/07/2013 11:04 AM
6 Replies and 9495 Views Questions about getting a reciprocal license in Florida  9495  6 Started by I have a question about getting licensed in Florida. I currently have my Texas All-Lines Adjuster license and want to get licensed in Florida. After reading Florida’s website, I am a bit confused.  As a non-resident of Florida, the license requirements are as follows: Step 2 - Qualifications for license:  Hold a company or independent adjuster license (resident or non-resident) that Florida has a reciprocal agreement with. &91;Exempt from State Examination&93; &91;Click h...
6 9495
by  CatAdjusterXJump to last post
07/20/2013 11:33 PM
8 Replies and 10678 Views Canada Licensing  10678  8 Started by Has anyone had experience working claims in Canada How did it go, and would you do it again Any tips on licensing Thanks!
8 10678
by  pondmanJump to last post
07/04/2013 1:20 PM
19 Replies and 35844 Views State Farm Cert/Recent Test Takers  35844  19 Started by  virgo39 I am looking for someone/people who have recently taken the State Farm Certification exam.&160; What are some key points to focus on Do you find it to be difficult&160; Did you only use a book sent to you by one of the 4 big companies (Worley,Eberls,EA Renfroe,Pilot)&160; Does the test take the full time allotted on that day&160; Do you need to bring your own laptop&160; Any xactimate More of us 'new' people need to spend some time helping others out with information we learn along th...
19 35844
by  David J LeeJump to last post
06/13/2013 12:48 PM
3 Replies and 3626 Views Residency  3626  3 Started by  mgadjuster25 I had a general question about retaining NC residency. Currently, I hold a resident adjuster license in NC. Contemplating a move to SC but wish to hold on to my NC resident license. I called into the NCDOI and they told I could retain a resident license while living in SC as long as I live within 50 miles of the NC border Is this true Can I in fact live within 50 miles of NC and have a resident license Anyone have a similar situation Can I use a PO Box as a mailing address for...
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by  AcceleratedAdjusterJump to last post
06/04/2013 4:01 PM
17 Replies and 8535 Views Nationwide Flood Certification  8535  17 Started by Does anyone know which IA firms offer the Nationwide Flood Certification for 2013  I believe Evans Claims in Texas does during their conference, but I have a schedule conflict on those dates.  I saw where CNC in Mobile, AL has offered it before, but it is not on their calender for this year yet.  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Kevin  
17 8535
by  Tex WalkerJump to last post
06/02/2013 10:14 AM
0 Replies and 5618 Views TWIA Certification is now Online  5618  0 Started by  dkaltenbach TWIA is now providing their adjuster certification online through 2021 Training.  If you haven't gotten your 2013 TWIA certification, it is available at the following link.
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05/24/2013 10:41 AM
12 Replies and 4007 Views How to distinguish a consultant from a PA?  4007  12 Started by  Stormkat There may be a fine line between the 'consultant' who represents the insured as their roofing or building consultant.  Since the definition of a PA is:  “Adjustment or settlement of claims,” the negotiation with an insurer on behalf of an insured as to the amount or extent of a loss covered by a policy of fire or allied lines of insurance and the acts of representing the insured or speaking on behalf of the insured toward any agent or other person granted the authority to ...
12 4007
by  Tim WienekeJump to last post
05/05/2013 12:18 PM
10 Replies and 4626 Views Worley training march 26-29 hammond, LA  4626  10 Started by  chuckdog_5 Good afternoon everyone, i recently got out of the Marines and a friend of mine told me about his time with Worley and recommended i give it a try, considering the long hours and work schedule he told me about that was something i was used to so i figured why not.   Im heading down next week and was looking for some advice.  Im very to insurance and policies so this isnt going to be easy, ive been going over the book Worley sent me and am just curious what kind of questions are ...
10 4626
by  pondmanJump to last post
04/18/2013 8:10 AM
1 Replies and 3569 Views California Non-resident Application Question  3569  1 Started by  stellerunlimited I am new to California, am staying with a relative.  Philadelphia adjuster for 5 years, did not need a license.  Can someone please translate this CA license requirement passage.  What do I have to do to get a business address  Right now I work out of my brothers office and manage his operation 'unrelated', I would like to use that address as my base of operations and workplace for adjusting.  Does anyone know if this is a problem If someone could share there...
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by  CatAdjusterXJump to last post
04/05/2013 12:54 AM
29 Replies and 35990 Views Worley Co Training - State Farm Certification  35990  29 Started by  ffernandez1
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I am a licensed general lines agent in Florida, I just obtained my all lines adjusters license and will be going to LA for the Worley Co State Farm Certification course. If anybody who has been through the Worley Co process can let me know what to expect that would be great! Looking for some insight on the testing and also on Worley in general. Just by reading the other posts I will get it out of the way now: I'm athletic, I can walk for more than 10 hours a day. I know how to type and I live ...
29 35990
by  okclarrydJump to last post
03/10/2013 4:50 PM
9 Replies and 7918 Views The 411 on Adjuster Fall Protection / Rope & Harness Training  7918  9 Started by  Catsvstrained I have attached a link to some great information to consider before you commit to any Rope & Harness training program.
9 7918
by  okclarrydJump to last post
03/10/2013 4:39 PM
0 Replies and 3450 Views Nationwide Flood Certification  3450  0 Started by I only know of one outfit, Evan's Claims in Texas that does.  CNC in Mobile, AL states on their website that they offer the training, but I did not see a date on the calender for it.  I believe Wardlaw is offering the Nationwide Commercial Certification.    Kevin  
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01/28/2013 1:51 AM
33 Replies and 44104 Views The best Xactimate training manual I have ever seen  44104  33 Started by  keithb1222
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So many of us are looking for the best training schools, unfortunately with so little work out there our pockets are getting very lean and can't afford those $500.00 classes.&160; &160;I&160;recently purchased what I think is the best self study Xactimate 25 manual I have ever seen. This book has 377 pages and I was able to teach myself the software.&160; I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a cheaper alternative out there. The web site is&160;; Good ...
33 44104
by  olderthendirtJump to last post
01/06/2013 10:57 AM
3 Replies and 10459 Views State Farm Certification Advice...  10459  3 Started by  bluesurf I recently decided to pursue a switch to IA after a background as a State Farm Agent and Financial Advisor. Though a family connection I was accepted at Pilot and I've registered for the State Farm Certification IDL on March 13th. While Pilot has provided me the following packets: a Training Price List, Estimatics study guide, and Policy. I am at a bit of a loss on how best to prepare myself for the Estimatics portion. I feel as though with my background explaining coverages and some time spen...
3 10459
by  DStin214Jump to last post
01/04/2013 11:53 AM
2 Replies and 4742 Views State Farm Exam Format  4742  2 Started by  MARodriguez Hello fellow piers.  I recently paid the $250 and enrolled with Worley to take the State Farm Cert exam in March.  My 5 years of experience is mainly on the contracting side of things, working closely with adjusters in CAT storms for predominantly hail and wind.  The study guide for the exam is vague at best.  It is obvious that there is a certain techniques or methods that SF uses in calculating measurements.  I am aware that the exam is multiple choice format, but dont...
2 4742
by  pondmanJump to last post
01/04/2013 11:42 AM
4 Replies and 4430 Views Which is the best path for Xactware certification in 2012  4430  4 Started by  Banyan Rider I have searched through the site but didn't get a clear answer as to the best method to be certified on XM8 27.* in 2012. I've read that experience on a paying claim is the best way but other options are: Xactware Classroom  Xactware Virtual Classroom Xactware self-paced or Disc-based Third Party courses taught by certified Xactware Experts Webinar training (like Adjusterstraining or CiscoWebex) Or Books purchased online Can anyone help me steer clear of ...
4 4430
by  pondmanJump to last post
01/04/2013 10:53 AM
11 Replies and 7090 Views 4cast Claims LLC  7090  11 Started by  EvilMonkey I have been contacted by 4cast Claims, LLC out of Stephenville, TX in regards to working claims for them. The catch is that I have to pay $685.00 for a 3 day mandatory certification course to work claims for them.  Does this sound right I've never really heard anything good about having to pay a company to work for them. I have not been able to find any negative information on the company or positive information on the internet or through the BBB. Do anybody have any information or experie...
11 7090
by  DogAdjusterJump to last post
12/04/2012 1:29 PM
20 22770
by  jsparis81483Jump to last post
10/14/2012 5:54 PM
6 Replies and 4172 Views Additional 2012 Flood Certification Workshops  4172  6 Started by  airborne82 Does anyone know what firms have been authorized to offer an additional Flood Cert Workshop in 2012 preferably somewhere close to the Isaac storm site NFIP Certification Training Workshop
6 4172
by  olderthendirtJump to last post
09/15/2012 11:50 PM
6 Replies and 4190 Views Different types of policies for property  4190  6 Started by  rwheeling I have been adjusting for a year now.  I am 'ok' with H03 policy but want to learn more about all the different policies on the property side of adjusting.  Vale is the only place that I have found that talks about teaching policy information.  My background is from the restoration side of the business before I switched to IA.  I have my Met, USAA, and Florida Citizens certifications.  I am just looking to learn more about policy differences to be the best I can be. My ...
6 4190
by  CatAdjusterXJump to last post
07/13/2012 11:40 PM
0 Replies and 3620 Views Lvl II Roof Specific Rope Access Training Program  3620  0 Started by  Catsvstrained Level II “Competent Person” Roof Specific Rope Access Training:   Fall 2012 will mark the beginning of acooperative effort between Catastrophe Career Specialties LLC and  Texas A&M  University to provide Roof Specific Level II /'Competent Person' Rope Access training. Those who complete this course will becapable of fulfilling a managed fall protection leadership role for:   ·       Development andimplementation ...
0 3620
07/02/2012 7:57 AM
3 Replies and 4765 Views State Farm certification vs. PTC?  4765  3 Started by  Pwrhusker Everyone, I'm trying to make adjusting my career and not just another gig.  I have done my class room training for my all-lines Texas license plus I have about a year of field training.  I have also got onto a roster but since I'm 'Green' they're still gun shy about assigning me claims.  I'm trying to decide between these two additional certifications any and all advice would be great. Thanks
3 4765
by  MedulusJump to last post
06/14/2012 4:41 PM
5 Replies and 7118 Views Recently obtained my 0520 INDEPENEDENT ADJ-ALL LINES LICENSE BY THE STATE OF FLA  7118  5 Started by  missmiami64 I recently obtained my license and am new to this field. I have extensive work experience in numerous areas however never in the insruance field. I am ready to to get 'hands' on training and looking for the best way to get my info out there yet avoding any scams. I reside in the Brevard County area and looking to get work in the area, preferrable evenings and or weekends as I am employed full time and not yet ready to leap 100 over to my new field of expertise. Any help with contacts, etc. wil ...
5 7118
by  Roy EstesJump to last post
05/11/2012 11:06 PM
2 Replies and 3856 Views CADO quizzes  3856  2 Started by  Kevin Farmer The question on your quiz is what is a base flood  You show the correct answer as being the first time water touches your house The NFIP General Property Form describes BASE FLOOD: A flood having a one percent chance of being equaled or exceeded in any given year. Any thoughts
2 3856
by  LelandJump to last post
05/03/2012 7:53 PM
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