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          RoyWe first went live in October of 1995 so November marks the beginning of our 20th year on the web. Thank you for your visits and support.

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            BillyCheck out my updated resume

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              jhookerreplied to: RE: I fell off the roof for the first time in my life

              I'm Having my Coffee this morning , Works Slow so Thought I would chime in. I been climbing roofs for 22 years , I"m 52 now , Quite frankly I"ve rea...

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              Royreplied to: RE: "Muffled Cries" story of adjuster killed in Tampa in Nov 04 reruns 9/22/07 at 6:30pm ET

              Tampa family still grieving insurance adjuster's brutal murder 10 years ago

              "TAMPA, FL (WFLA) -She was just doing her job when 10 years ago Katrina...

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                RoyPlease note a Roster listing is not the same thing as a Site Profile. To update your Roster information please visit the Roster page.

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                  ChrisWe have a team assembled to handle Fire Investigations, Workers Comp, Private Investigations, as well as Accident Investigation/Reconstruction. Please let us know what we can do to serve you.

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                        Jeremyreplied to: RE: AMCAT Training

                        Posted By CatAdjusterX on 03/27/2013 2:44 AM

                        Posted By TJ on 23 Mar 2013 10:07 AM

                        As a follow up, I did end up taking the AMCAT training cours...

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                        SteveZreplied to: RE: 5th wheels worth it?

                        ABSOLUTELY !!!   I started out with an 18' pull-behind travel trailer with no slide-out room.  It was small, but got the job done. ...

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                        Jeremy JohnsonLooking to ad to my daily claim volume.

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                            rhidaWhere can I get help with business structure and startup in forming an IA vendor co?

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                            • Dan MartinDo you have a "plan" or an "idea" .... There are many web sites on developing a Business Plan ... No need to set up a legal entity until you have a plan ... if you incorporate ... there are plenty of self help sites ... and it is easy to do ... Suggest that you do not do a Partnership ... way to may drawbacks and pit falls ... Start with a sole proprietor ... Get a TIN number from the IRS ... Don't use S/S number.... and when you begin to make money set up "S" corporation or LLC ... When you make money ... Pay the dad blame taxes ! Otherwise .. they will eat you alive! ... Mostly ... Think it through ... have fun ... 3 weeks ago

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                                Photo Gallery

                                Burned house outside Atlanta, GA
Jim Heiden
                                CADO Event (28).JPG
                                On board the Valdez

                                We are insurance adjusters that travel the world handling claims from natural and man-made catastrophes.