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State Farm Certification Class though Pilot

I finally took the State Farm Certification class after years of putting it off.  I was getting plenty of work without it and did not see a need to take it.  There are several options out there to take it.  I found places to take it at no cost and always knew that Pilot gave it for $150.  I just took the class with Pilot.  The first day was Pilot going over the items that are on the test. It was about 7 hours. The second day was a Live Broadcast from State Farm then a test.  Third day was another test.  For experienced adjusters, that may not be needed.  But for new adjusters and adjuster like me that have been working limited types of claims, I would recommend paying the extra $150 for Pilot.  They do a great job and are really there to help people pass.  There was about 60 people in the class I took.  About 90% of the people passed both test.  There were atleast 15 people there just to retest.  So if you want to be State Farm Certified and a little nervous about it, consider Pilot.

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